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Walking along the South Bank, London last week, I stumbled across this new piece of art. A golden, glowing, larger than life sculpture of a pregnant female with a baby inside her womb.. on an iPad.
Does anyone know who the artist is? I can't find anything about it online..

my submission into the #streetphotography contest hosted by @juliank

Although I imagine it's supposed to be thought provoking and shocking, there is something eeriliy familiar about seeing a baby with an iPad like this. Isn't there? Although it's certainly more disturbing depicted inside the womb, is this in some ways an image we see all too often? Have we become so used to seeing children with iPads and iPhones, distracting them from the world around them, that it's become normal?

Would love to know how you feel about babies and children and tech!
Do you give your babies and children iPads or other tech equivalents?
Perhaps it's convenient, perhaps it's something you find awful, I would love to hear your thoughts!

As someone without children, if I do ever decide to have kids, I would love for my children to have the tech free childhood I had, even though that would probably mean a lot more work for me. I'm sure it's not as simple as that when you are a mother and so do share your views in the comments below.

Let's open the conversation!


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@yasminep - Hey, so great meeting you on Saturday! And it was so cool having that conversation with someone else that understood the "Universe", energy, and the thought of wealth and abundance. Hope to hear that you find your own flat in London! Keep in touch :)

So lovely to meet you! Totally agree. Very rare I meet someone so much on the same page! Let's definitely keep in touch and let me know when your'e back in London! :-)

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Dear , I like it!