street art at St.Petersburg

in streetphotography •  18 days ago  (edited)

This catchy graffity I've stumbled upon is in Russian, 'Коты против' may be translated as 'Cats dont support this'. I love the idea, and the colour composition, too. And last but not the least: I enjoyed the fact of finding this! I was on the bike, and even stopped to uncover camera and take a shoot.

Taken with Canon 5d, 16-35mm 2.8L

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I like it! :-)

grand merci! @saboin, its lovely indeed.

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вспомнилась другая фраза: "а баба Яга против" ))

ye, классная ассоциация! @bambuka

мульты наше фсё))

Feline Resistance Movement?

Kittens FTW!

  ·  17 days ago (edited)

@fraenk, I havent hear about this Resistance Front. maybe they are not very active.... but I will support them with the power of my lens! loved the colours on this one, very much... and loved finding it , in the very 1st place! isnt it cool?!

ps. FTW stands for?..

heh... FTW stands for "For The Win", like an enthusiastic battle-cry.

not to be confused with "ftw", that often means "f... the world" but it's usually not capitalized.

if you want to dig deeper:

gran merci !! very useful for me, no native specaker. I love to see how the world around us is shaped into words of our language. that knowledge just attracts me like a moth. @fraenk