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I saw some posts for street photography contest today. I'm not participating but I'll show you different types of streets and some of my thoughts about that.

Comming from a small village in a small country is a very interesting experience.

Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana is the biggest and have 300K residents and all the rest have below 100K. The villages in my region have 100 people on average.

You can imagine how big difference was for me when we moved to Edmonton with almost one million residents.

Here are my today's pics.


A small town square in Garda, Italy with this castle-hotel hybrid building.


Streets in the morning are still empty in touristic town.

And they're closed for traffic.


This is more than narrow. Canadians would get claustrophobic in a street like this.

But if you can overcome the fear, you'll be rewarded at the end of the street.


One way streets are the only solution if they want to save some space for parking.


If you live in the second biggest country in the world it's much easier. A lot of lands to build on.


Streets are wide enough for parking on both sides and there is still enough room for two-way traffic,


and on top of that, we have back alleys with garages and utility services like cable, electricity, and garbage.


At my place in Slovenia, I can see what my neighbor have on his plate for the dinner and street is so narrow I almost need to fold in my car's mirrors to pass.

Here in Edmonton, I can't even see the houses and on the street, without lines and traffic, it's a challenge to pick and keep the right direction.

I know my today's post was a bit boring, but we're all exhausted from this bloody week.

We have a long weekend here with Canada day and Canadians not familiar with crypto will enjoy it for sure.

The rest of us involved with these funny coins there is nothing much to do except to wait.

We hope for a better week ahead.

Have a great weekend, my friends.

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You are a good photographer.

beautiful photos. .. .

Village with resident of 100 people. I think some in way maybe they all are cousins. What I understand through your photography is slovian is a small country which have all the resources to give there citizen happy lifestyle. Everything is very calm , tidy and well maintain. If you agrees plz reply back and tell something if I understand it wrong

Love the post. As a Slovenia is allso my country, I love to see more of such post. Love to see the differenc, from first hand... not google.. :) Love the facts about the street and causes...
I have a good weekend 🍀
Enjoy it

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This is a charm pictures are fantastic @oldtimer I also wish you a wonderful weekend

it is a beautiful place indeed. Great pictures

Those pictures in italy give me a nostalgia memory flash from playing the second assassins creed game. Good times.

Also thinking about some old hip hop songs telling me about the artists love for the streets.

This is great, hope to learn a few things from following you. Have a great weekend too :)

You got mad photography skills... I'm learning everyday :)

What I find sad in Edmonton and Calgary, all the new (since early 90's) residential areas have the houses crammed together. Tiny lots and huge houses. Nearly reach your neighbors house standing beside yours. All that space but need to put as many house as possible in it.

howdy there @oldtimer..say for a "boring" post it sure kept my attention and I learned about Slovenia as well so that was excellent. keep up the "boring" work I say! God bless you sir and Canada and Slovenia as well, I don't know what Canada Day is, probably her independence or founding day?

Hey, It's not that boring after all. You reminded me of how huge cities we have in Slovenia - LOL. Trying to explain to a New Yorker that our capital is only 300K is always a funny experience :)

@oldtimer I think this publication is not boring at all you have amazing images and very funny
You did an impeccable job
Happy weekend for you too, have a rest <3

Love photo 3, the narrow alley, the aperture appears spot on, can I just say though that I wished you had cropped it slightly tighter to cut out the bin?

The difference in city settings is most dependent on its population and human resources, obviously Edmonton has more of that than cities in slovenia and has therefore incorporated beauty and organisation into its scheme

a great selection I particularly love the style of those narrow streets in the first few shots

La calle estrecha es excelente que para llegar al restaurante muy bella @oldtimer y la de la calle de los turistas me gusta. Saludos amigo

Waiting. Yep. Hang in there! It WILL improve soon.

Its quite a beautiful place there at Slovenia @oldtimer and I just wished that I could wander around their narrow streets too.

I think i'd like that village life. Looks pretty good to me.

It's a very picturesque town I like the way the neighborhood looks pretty quiet! The photos you sample are beautiful, thanks for sharing with us

awesome street photography @oldtimer. the images look very amazing. the road looks great. the building is worth watching and very attractive. goood captures over all. professional work. keep up the good work.

I love the narrow street with the ristorante at the end its either very inviting or a trap! The hotel with the old castle wall is intriguing too and great comparative photos at the end!

I like all of the different views that you shared.

Fantastic pictures @oldtimer. It seems you are good photographer. I have nice memories with Slovenia. Keep it up!