Making the Streets Sparkle … Chiang Mai, Thailand – Street Photography

This street cleaner appears regularly, and always appears to focus intently on his work. 

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Streets that flow

The streets of Chiang Mai are not in perfect condition. But they’re mostly well-constructed and well-maintained, ensuring that both vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic flow well. In fact, many of these streets are in much better shape than the streets in the decaying cities of the west.  

Street that sparkle and shine

Moreover, Chiang Mai’s streets and alleys are safe and quite clean (apart from some carbon-dioxide-sputtering tuk-tuks). 

And they’re kept clean by washer-trucks such as these. As we can see, this sole cleaner is hard at work, scouring the street and sidewalk, and making them sparkle and shine. 
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Street Photography contest.

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Wow, good to know.

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An interesting observation. Many people do not think that hard work is behind beauty and cleanliness.

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