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Marina Del Rey has always been the place to dock your boat if you are a lucky enough to live in LA and have one. More recently, with the Silicon Beach trend, it's become hot, located between Playa Vista and Venice, when it comes to tech jobs and start-ups "by the beach". Here is one of the first murals you see as you leave Marina Del Rey / Venice Beach. According to the street signs, it says Culver City but it really is not. The mural is in the parking lot of a donuts shop (won't name it) on Washington Blvd and Redwood Ave. Enjoy!


While I may be a day late, this is my entry for #streetphotography contest hosted by @juliank.

Images are by @liotap and original content, created expressly for submission to this contest and Steemit.



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@liotap, great shot. There are so many murals in LA, especially in Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Keep them coming.


yes i will do my best to take good shots. the murals in parking lots are very tricky cause you always have cars in front. the pic does not look the same with a car in front lol... thanks for the kind words @radard.

Good ol LA vibes!

Great place to take a picture. Unfortunately, I’m not lucky enough to live in LA, neither having a boat. I definitely wish you 🍀 in this photography contest. Hopefully you are not late!

I have not heard of this contest, it sounds interesting i may enter some time and the mural you show is amazing it reminds me of Banksy's work.

Hey @liotap i just wanted to stop by to let you know that i mentioned you in my last post, check it out HERE if you have the time, i look forward to seeing you posting again...

I think I know where that is! Where you on one of the bike excursions?


No bike this time, was making a turn driving and saw it, which reminded me of the post you did the day before. funny how life is. I had to wait for quite a few minutes for cars to clear the view. i got the shot without getting into any parking lot arguments with angry drivers so it was a success.


Funny, your characterization is such a southern California experience! Great post.

Woo0ow the photography is awesome and also the painter that make a boy and a dog is so nice
great photography I love it nice to see it Hope you enjoy these

Beautiful scenery @liotap, with perfect colors and shots ..
Upvoted ..

it looks very cool @liotap, the painter does have a very good talent, so as to create a great photo. From every photo produced by a painter, surely it all has its own meaning. Therefore I am very salute for people having the soul of painting. I hope you will succeed for this contest. thank you... :)

wonderful photography, for #streetphotography contest i wish you ll the best your selection for hese contest is wonderfull

in my opinion, if you shot further and sideways it might be more interesting to look at because the view is wider, so most cars can be seen.
Thank @liotap

Really a fantastic graphy extraordinary caption keep going with this effort definitely one day you will be a point of"" annie"" leibovitz my favorite photographer

Sir @liotap,

These are really so nice photo. Go on sir. I wish your wining sir. Many many best wishes for you sir.

nice photography
best wishes for the streetphotography contenst.

Wow....Very wonderful photography boss@liotap...Thanks for sharing

I wish you a good luck in contest. It looks great.

Wow.....Really very nice photography@liotap.....Thanks for sharing

Wonderful photography
thanks for sharing

Great entry in contest... wonderful photography...@liotap
Your captures are conceptual and meaningful..In your 2nd capture trees looking magro ... lol

This is a good entry for the contest.
I love the painting.

Wooowww, that mural is so pretty! And the dog has a doughnut, so I suppose that it was painted as requested by the owners. If it were here in Venezuela, it would probably be all graffitied-over :(

These people don't respect private property and are even eager to destroy it for some reason (envy? daringness? some kind of feeling of thrill?)

Hmm, boats, having boats. I've never lived by any coast. Maybe I'll get a boat later.

I know that corner! Good memory

In my opinion you shared unique and amazing picture for the contest and this picture have that fun fact, usually which we see with dogs at home. And i personally think that street art should be encouraged because it's really makes the streets and surroundings more artistic and explorative. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂