New York Photographed - Just being a tourist.

in streetphotography •  last year 

Streets of Manhattan.

A Canadian's first trip.

New York.. New York.. Finally visited. Finally got to see the city that I thought only existed in movies and was too cinematic to be true.. joking obviously...or am I.

It was pretty awesome to walk the streets of manhattan and be right in the middle of new yorkers buzzing around going about their day. Man this city..It's seriously where business lives.

Gotta love the 99cent cheese pizza...every...where.
Lady Liberty was cool, Empire state was impressive, Grand Central Station was Madagascar.. and all the famous sights and sounds were pretty sweet, but what really hit was ground zero. Standing where it all happened. Seeing the One World Trade Center and going to the 9-11 memorial museum was unreal.

All in all, it was some good time spent during the Christmas season with some family.


It sticks out like a sore thumb, doesnt it?! Almost every building in New York is pretty old but gorgeous.. and then you got this new kid on the block. What if they made the new building..Old.



TIMES SQUARE. Yeah that was insaneeee.









Would love to hear your thoughts on New York if you have been! Were people rude? Could you live there, or did you have enough of it? Did anyone bump into Casey Neistat?

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks so much for browsing!



All images were shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with a 17-40mm f4L & 50mm 1.8

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If you missed it, feel free to check out my last photography post on Coliseum Mountain in Vancouver BC!

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Stunning images! I haven't been to New York since I was 18 – 24 years ago! I appreciate the parts of it your exceptional eye was drawn to. So moody and dynamic. Thanks for taking me back there! :)


Thanks again @zipporah! Appreciate the awesome feedback, glad you enjoyed them :D!


Yes! Followed, deservedly. ;)

Just WOW!

All the shots are damn beautiful! I like the composition and the chromatic of all of them! But, i have a favorite one, and the one is with the biker and the taxi. I just have something with the dynamic of it!

Dropped you a follow, i am sure you will please my eyes every day!


Hey thanks so much for the awesome comment!! I really appreciate that : ) Yeah! I really enjoyed that photo. I Had it captioned at one point to "Is it faster to ride a bike or ride a taxi in New York?" hahaha. Thanks again! Hope I don't disappoint!

amazing photos :D resteemed ;D
I also post photographs on my blog, but they're not as professional as yours :)


Hey thank you very much! And never compare!! It all starts from somewhere : ) And you got a good thing going for yourself.

My girlfriend and I loved New York and would love to return one day! No one was rude to us, everyone was quite friendly and we were down during the Santa Claus bar crawl. Always nice seeing 100's of Ol' St. Nick in Manhattan during Christmas season, even if most of them were slightly inebriated! City was beautiful and skating at Rockefeller was very memorable. Visiting the site of the fallen World Trade Centre buildings was humbling, especially reading all the names of the ones who lost their lives that day. We really enjoyed the boat tour to Ellis Island, Liberty Island and under the Brooklyn Bridge. Subway lines were easy to navigate, even with one or two down to flooding but on the plus side it meant no rats! Overall, we loved the city, couldn't live there but would love to visit again. Thank you for your article and wishing you the best! PS don't ask a NYC cabbie to get you there quickly with incentive of a better tip. Unless, you are looking for a very fast and rollercoaster type car ride!


Haha! Well said man. Beautiful reply thank you very much for that! That’s awesome I’m glad you enjoyed it. Ahh we went skating too, but it was at Central Park which was still pretty awesome! Trump rink? haha. Hahaha ooo now I’m tempted to experience a crazy taxi ride in NY hahah. I definitely would love to go back and make another visit as well :)

Amazing as always Joel! What a great array of photography skills... Panning shots, wide shots, street shots and some black and white snaps to boot! Im excited to see what you post next :)


Thanks man! yeah its kinda all over the place ahhah. Appreciate the feedback!

It is a really good post and you are welcome.

Yess! These are great shots! I'd love to go to NY one day. I should start saving for that haha


Thanks bro!! You should definitely visit! you would get some amazing shots there man.

Awesome post!! Upvoted and followed for more great work ;)


Hey greatly appreciated man! Yes! Hope to keep it going :)


Great pictures! I was recently in New York and I want to return :(


Thank you man! That’s awesomeeee. Yeah I’d love to go back too :)

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Feeling honoured!! Thank you!!!

Daaamn these are legit!! If only I got someone like you to help me with my videos :<


Hahahah ;) I’m in!

Hi joelbastian
Great photo shoot thanks for sharing.
Have wonderfully creative day.


Hey, thank you very much! : )

great pictures. would love to shot with the 5d too ;)


Thank you!!
Haha it’s a great camera to use. I’m sure you’ll get the chance to get one :)!

Fantastic set of photos you have there. Nic Potos on your blog as well! I will be following you so keep my feed entertaining :D


Hey thanks so much!! Haha I will do my best!

I’m hoping to see streets of manhattan someday. Lucky you. Im from canada too but in toronto. Love to see more of your post. Im into photography too. But not professionally. Lol. Follow back if that’s ok so we can see more of each others photograph.


Hey appreciate it! Im sure you'll get your chance! You're much much closer to NY than I am ; ) Following!

The pictures are really nice. :)


Thank you very much!! : )

Very nice photos. 👍


Thank you!! :)

Hi @joelbastian , I'm @kasel from Indonesia. I love the way you capture. I hope your next post that you can share us the setting of your camera, so that we can learn together about photography. My focus on steemit is photography, I'm a newbie. My hope this year, my ability in photography can grow up by seeing anothers photograph. here my amateur photograph may be you can give me a comment for improvement.


hey thank you very much! I will definitely try to put some of my camera settings along with some of my photographs! Thank you and all the best in your progress!! Keep it up!!

Extra great job on that Panning shot... those aren't easy!


Hey thanks!!