Why I like Autumn! (Your Favorite Season - Discussion Topic)

This picture was taken in Spokane in one of the South Hill neighborhoods


I love Fall season! September and October are my favorite months because it is not too hot anymore, but not very cold either. At this time you can see some leaves getting yellow and red. Also, September is the month of my birthday.

Fall is the season when animals begin to prepare for the winter by storing food in their nests or fat on their bodies. I find animals very cute when they are chubby! Also, animals begin to grow warmer coats to prepare for the cold weather, and that fur looks even more beautiful. I love wildlife during autumn!

pic source

Another thing about fall season I like are PUMPKINS! Pumpkins are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins. Lately, I've been cooking it a lot.

This is a pumpkin soup I cook during this season.


And last, but not least favorite thing about autumn is that traveling is very cheap compared to other seasons! I usually travel to Europe in September. I can save up to $500 per ticket.

And this picture was made in Manito park in Spokane, WA. Fall season is great to be outside in beautiful parks like that.

(I am on the left)

What season do you like the most? ..and why?

Pictures were taken with Galaxy s8.


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Autumn or fall (as we like to call it in the US), is definitely my favorite season of the year too! And for more reason than one. First, it's the season when all my favorite colors come to life - all the shades of red, orange and yellow. Everything around is so beautiful in this transition period. I love the slight nip in the air!
It's also the season of some of my favorite things...with the start of fall come out the blanket scarves, booties and it's time for delicious hot teas. Not to forget, it's also the start of the festive season. Since I'm from India, it is around this time that we celebrate a number of our important festivals like Navratri, Dusshera and Diwali, the festival of lights. Then it's time for Halloween, pumpkin farms, and the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving. It is around Thanksgiving that I plan my final trip of the year, usually to see the beautiful fall colors. Last year, I went to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My ultimate dream is to experience fall in New England, US!
What's not to love about this season! :)

Pumpkin soup is one of my favourites! Wish it could always be autumn :)

really nice time for your travels jellis

Me encanta el otoño pero también me fascina ver caer la nieve @ella-kay, aunque te confieso que no conozco la nieve, porque en mi país no hay esa estación.

Pics are matching your blog perfectly dearie

The info about cheap travel was strange for me

why strange?

strange because I am unable to think why travel i cheap during these month dear.

because it is a low season. everyone starts school after a long break. Tickets are always cheaper during this time.

Ok dear that's a valid point. I learned something from you today, I am going to follow u. Thanks dear 😀

ok already I vote. do not forget to vote back

@ella-kay awesome photography! Hope you enjoyed your day a lot.

Very beautiful

yes iit is a nice pic

Winter is my personal favorite, it's calm and long silent nights are best for reading books and penning some intense thoughts :)

But, Who is that man climbing on the tree, in the back ground of your last picture? He looks crazy to be in the picture :P

Autumn is definitely my favorite season! I love taking some walk outside and breathe the fresh air. The colors are just magical.

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