I Love Philippines Streetfood#9😊😋😍💗

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Hi steemians!😊 im here again to present our streetfoods here in the philippines. So that you will have knowledge about streetfood here in our country! Cheap price but nutrious and delicious!😊

The streetfood that i will present to all you is SIOMAI
Here in the philippines siomai is very affordable and you can see every corner of the street here in our country and some foodchain too. Many of you will ask me..


Siomai is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling, originating from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In Cantonese cuisine, it is usually served as a dim sum snack. source:Wikipedia
🚩Place of origin: China
Theres so many kind of siomai here in the philippines, theres pork siomai,shrimp siomai,and many more,. But here in the philippines we are proudly present to you..
The Fried Siomai

Umm yummy..and the taste is good for this fried siomai if you dip to vinegar.😋
If you want to try to cook this one., its simple get heat the cooking in pan and put siomai until it brown.😊 it just simple.😊

Happy reading steemians
Until next episode of philippines streetfood..happy following😊





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