Mysterious Graffiti artist spray painting aliens in the Karoo Desert

in streetart •  last year 

I spotted some really weird graffiti in the Karoo desert in a small town. This looks almost like what it would look like if Banksy were to get abducted and dropped in a small Karoo town in South Africa. I wonder what the artist's motivation is for creating these. They look pretty cool.

Here is another one:

This last one is my favourite, but it most certainly took a great deal of effort and spraypaint.

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Very interesting. Where in the Karoo was this taken @netscape101?

I think it was De Aar. My friend actually toom the pics and sent to me. He found it on a roadtrip and started looking for more and then took all three photo's in different places in the area. I suspect there might even be more. I think they are really cool and I'm curious if it is one person doing them or maybe a group of people. The one under the bridge is huge,it could have easily taken a ladder and a few people to finish it before dark was over.

Very cool!

Very cool!


awesome. following and resteemed.

Thanks man I'll be following you


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