Rainbow Village 色彩繽紛的彩虹眷村

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The Rainbow Village is one of the two most famous tourist spots in Taichung. In my first summer in Taiwan, I must have came here at least six times. Everytime I had friends and family visiting, this was a must go location, in the end it was getting a bit too much for me and I stopped taking visitors there (I know, I'm a terrible host).
彩虹眷村是台中兩大熱門旅遊點之一,它更是亦是打卡熱點,幾乎到訪台中遊客都是必去。 眷村有十一棟房子,大概十年前由彩虹爺爺開始在房屋外畫上色彩繽紛的塗鴉。 他的繪圖風格充滿幻想, 非常有動感簡直有如置身童話世界裏。 這兩年間我去了七次,每次都總會見到很多本地及外地遊客興高采烈在眷村周圍拍照留念,很不熱鬧。 如果你有機會來台中,記緊一定要來看看喔!

My last visit was over 10 months ago. This week my friends and their two daughters were in town, I couldn't bear to disappoint the little girls so figured it was about time to pay Rainbow Village another visit. You can't miss Rainbow Village when you arrive as you can see the colourful houses from quite far away. In fact, they even have a Rainbow Village bus stop at the front!

Rainbow Village, Taichung

When the Nationalist government and Chiang Kai Shek arrived to Taiwan from China in the 1940's, some 2m soldiers and their families came with him, and upon arrival, the Nationalist built many housing complexes all around Taiwan to house them. Before Rainbow Village became Rainbow village, it was just another one of these normal complexes, and was even about to be demolished by the local government as all but one resident had moved out. This was Huang Yong-Fu, who then started painting out of boredom. His colourful and unique paintings caught the attention of the students from the local university nearby who started to spread it across social media and it quickly went viral. That was back in 2010, and all the rest is now history.

Rainbow Village in Taichung

Mr Huang is now better know as Rainbow Grandpa and he continues to paint around the complex, though probably not as active as he used to be as he is 95 after all. If you're lucky, you might see him around, and I actually have seen him twice in my past visits. There is an exhibit about Rainbow Grandpa where you can learn more about him and how all this started, the interviews he's done with all the media around the world, and his workshop/office.

Rainbow Village, Taichung

Now let's take a look around the Rainbow Village. Isn't it just amazing? Rainbow Grandpa's style is very unique, full of wild imagination and colour, and extends all over the buildings, including the tiles on the rooftop, and on the ground. The drawings are a mixture of animals, traditional characters, weird monsters and includes many lucky sayings written in Chinese. Walking around here is like a Chinese version of Alice in the Wonderland, so surrreal!

Rainbow Village, Taichung

I think since I last went, Rainbow Grandpa must have been really busy because there are a lot more murals around now. The Rainbow Bear, and the cute photo boards are new. The board on the left says 'bestie sister' and the one on the right says 'as beautiful as a flower'. Girls would absolutely love this, no wonder this is one of the most IG'ed spots in Taiwan. In fact, I couldn't resist taking a photo myself!

Rainbow Village, Taichung

As with all tourist spots, this has become a bit commercialized since my last visit. Don't forget, the painting needs to be refreshed and paint costs money!!! This snack shop is new, and there a souvenir shop selling all bits and pieces of merchandise. My friend bought a colourful T-shirt for her daughter but I forgot to take a photo of it!!

Children and adults will all love this place, as will lovers as there is so much love going around. This wall has Rainbow Grandpa's own version of what love looks like. The top says "hearts together forever" and "together for a hundred years". So sweet!!!

And guys, if you're thinking of proposing, this might just be the spot for it. Let's get married!!

Shoutout to anyone who is visiting Taiwan, and specifically Taichung, don't forget to drop by the Rainbow Village if you're in town!!!

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That's colorful alright. Never seen such a bright place with my own eyes.

Its certainly a very happy place



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That’s soooo colorful!!!💖

Have you been before? If you have, they've done it up since last year, and is much more spacious now

Ooo im planning on going here tomorrow !!

Fantastic! Are you going to Gaomei as well? That's the other top spot

I'll Google that and see

Just googled and yep I'll go there thanks 😍 Sure sunset should be good !

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow! I haven't heard of this place before... It is wonderful! What a cheery place! And I love the style of drawing as well as the colours - truly a rainbow place!! Thanks for spreading news about it... :))

Your welcome!!

What a pretty place!

It is quite something!


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this looks like a pretty cool place. we need more colorful places like this one instead of grey concrete jungle

That's so treat, the concrete jungles do tend to suffocate one sometimes

Wow, what a cool place. I can't believe he is 95 and still painting, I hope they have some young blood helping out so that the place can continue to strive after his time is up. I have never been to Taiwan but would like too, thanks for adding something to my list of things to see :D

Come on over sometime, there's plenty to do and see!!

@livinguktaiwan thanks I just may be that, might have to win the lotto first but I will add it to the lotto list :D

I wish everywhere looked like this!!!


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