Then I noticed the fish

in #streetartlast year

Sadly, this one is the one that started the end of my joyful time on Hive.

fish head.jpg

This is just your average everyday elegant looking woman with a burning building in the background. I didn't even think of taking the picture until I noticed there was a fish on her head.

Some art may look ordinary but when you find the first thing that is out of place, then you begin to look at all the other oddities at the painter put in place.

I guess the owner of Hive wants only sourced photos and lots of words. I am a more visual person who likes things that surprise. Here is what the owner says. (he has over twenty million dollars worth of hive and is responsible for thousands of people who left Hive, like me, unable to meet his standards)


No, I don't think so. You can appreciate things your way and others can do the same there way!

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