Surrealistic Scenery

in #streetartlast year

Palermo Neighborhood

I was romping around in Palermo on this hot spring day, getting all crispy with the increasing strength of the sunshine.


I ended up stopping every time I saw something that sparked my tastes in art. Things that I like may be different from most, but I have always had a sense of empathy and immediately put myself in the shoes of others.

How the hell did they get up to the second floor wall to create this work of shadows and unreal eyes and mouths (is what I see). Me? I love how three dimensional everything looks as it flows. The angles are nice too.

The bottom work is what caught my attention more when I glanced over but the top one was more intriguing when I stopped to stare.
It is that time of year again. I am out and about more and there is so much to post. I have to clear out my phones for the massive influx of photos coming your way!

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