I did not know where I was, then I looked to my left and...

in #streetartlast year

Google maps? Hell no, this street is so smart it told me with paint!


You heard me right. there it was, my location right there on a roll down shutter.

I just had to find the old buildings shown and then navigate to where I was going .

What a novel idea, putting that upside down red droplet right there on the shutter. I do recognize some of these places and they are nowhere near where I was when I took this picture. This could be scam art.

I guess I am just attracted to shiny objects, because I always end up with so many in my photo roll. Then there is always the problem of me never deleting anything that I have taken the time to snap a shot of.


Sorry if I am using Hive as my own personal art-blog but this is what I enjoy. Glad there is the StreetArt community who may know what I am going through.

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