Bright new piece just appeared on the streets.

in #streetartlast year

This one is striking!

Are you seeing a soldier, a nuke, or Jesus?


Well, the canvas is about sixty feet wide and there are a lot more details you may see than just the three. And I still do not know what NA is for.


We can take a run down to the left side, which is exactly what I did.


Did you catch the wildlife? Yes, they seem to be at the edge of the nuclear blast - some sort of racoon or bear.

The colors screamed at me to take these shots. I know they are not always appreciated by some of the opinionated folks here, but I don't expect people to read for an hour on one post.

This is something you would not have been able to see if you don't live where I do. This is my private museum in my corner of the internet.

#streetart #paint #art #color #jesus #nuke #animals


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