(not) like a fish in the sea

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Here in Zagreb you can stumble upon some interesting and unexpected street art, so today I'll show one of them.


Sculpture of the fish is made by croatian artist LONAC, and it is actually a painted abandoned boat. It is first made in 2012., and then renewed in 2017.

Fish is hidden between tall trees in Tuškanac park, behind the Academy of fine arts. Overall impression is even better because you have to pass through a portal to get to the fish. Scary and surreal at the same time, especially in the night.


More of Lonac can be seen on his website http://lonac.blogspot.hr/ or, of course, on the streets of Zagreb or other cities. This is even not the only fish among his other works!



Stumbling upon that fish in the middle of the night is a dream like experience. The shells and eyes are kinda glittering, reminded me of a whale from the Life of Pi. With sad and dummy eyes. And portal that introduces it is really something. Thanks for sharing this, I guess there are a lot of guys from Zagreb that didn't know about this artwork!

Nice find, I live in Zagreb since my elementary school and I have never seen it. The portal is a bit creepy, I love it! I will have to go and check it out.

Anyway it is nice to see you are posting again, I thought you have left Steemit, it would be shame after such a great review in your last post.

Yes, it's one of my best finds, but still relatively unknown.
Thank you very much for caring :) I had a few very hectic days, but now I'm back!
I like it on Steemit so I won't leave any time soon :D

I wanna do abstract crazy art shit like this one day. If I ever get land, people will probably stop for the outdoor gallery, of random.

Thank you for resteem! I'm glad you like it!
You're going to have a surreal garden :)

I love this fish! It's so unique, creepy and unexpected.

I'm confused that you called it street art, though. It seems to be in the middle of the woods. I can't see a street anywhere!

Good remark! It actually belongs to street art because it's made by an artist that is well known for his many others 'street art' works, as shown in the link: http://lonac.blogspot.hr/
Zagreb has many parks, this one is at city centre, so I guess we like it green :)

How wonderful to have such thick woods in the city center. It really looks like the middle of a forest!