Introducing Streams - A Music Streaming Platform for the Steem Blockchain

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Introducing Streams - Steem's first music streaming platform!

Why Streams?

User-generated content has created a multi-billion-dollar industry for social media companies. However, the value generated by this content is disproportionately returned to creators.

Creators are not guaranteed monetary returns, despite the user retention and ad revenue they create for each platform and its shareholders. For this reason, Thirsty Entertainment is creating a platform for musicians to create and share their work.

Streams combines multiple aspects to create a universal platform for content creators. Built on top of the Steem blockchain, Streams creates a way for audio creators to independently market their content. Streams also provides a platform where users can be rewarded for supporting the musicians in their network, providing an incentive for healthy community involvement.

Streams can be broken down into four different categories:

  1. Online music distribution platform
  2. Music streaming service
  3. Social network
  4. Online music store

Blockchain based:

Based on the blockchain, we remove the need for trust between the content creator and the service provider. Immutable records of all transactions and continuous stream of data, provides the platform with a fast and secure way to distribute music and micropayment transactions.

Monetary rewards

The Steem blockchain provides democratic means for monetary incentives. Rewards provide many incentives for musicians, helping musicians to further their careers in the independent market, removing the need for industry labels and corporate control over distribution. It also creates incentive for those curating music, helping to better grow audiences on the platform.

Micropayment system

Using the Steem token, we can provide instantaneous transactions between users for content options, such as the option to purchase a stem or full song, and download it for your personal playlist. This creates a sustainable market for musicians to thrive on.

Social network

By implementing decade old social networking techniques, musicians can create large market audiences for themselves and their peers. With the ability to send messages, add friends, and follow other artists, we create a community that helps perpetuate each others success on the platform.

Fast and efficient

Using custom JSON metadata on the blockchain, we are creating a way to store music efficiently and immutably. Although audio files can be large, such as .WAV and .AIFF, audio files uploaded to our servers have their custom JSON metadata simultaneously etched into the blockchain pointing to the files located on our servers. This allows us to remain trustworthy & accountable for the proper use of user data, whilst allowing us to create a fast and efficient network for distribution.

Site Structure

As we develop our platform, market research is essential for creating a platform that provides what is currently available on the market, and improves upon their concepts. Other music streaming services, such as soundcloud or spotify, allow users the option to distribute their music easily, though provide no rewards for the retention they gain from listeners. Instead, musicians are required to market their music themselves.

Building upon these issues, we believe that a censorship resistant, immutable, and incentivized platform is required to better provide fair distribution service for musicians. Using the Steem blockchain, we can create a more democratic and fair music network. Whilst that is important to the development of our project, rich user features will also be used to attract greater audiences and better grow the platform.

Content distribution

Streams utilizes the custom JSON protocol allowed by the Steem blockchain in order to point to files stored on our servers. Using fingerprinting techniques on uploaded files, such as hashes, we can provide a tamper-proof file storage for users. This allows for immutable and fair distribution of audio content on our platforms, where users can track their files information on the steem blockchain at any time.

Rewards system

The Steem blockchain allocates a set amount of digital rewards to be shared each day. Using the same reward pool, users can use Streams in the same way that they would use the Steemit platform. For authentication with Steem, we will be using steemconnect to allow us to integrate accounts registered on steemit with our own platform.

User features

Implementing user friendly features is a necessity for user adoption. Our user interface will include a personalized home page with a feed containing the musicians a user is following, along with a profile menu that drops down from a user's display photo in the menu bar. Included will be a messaging function, along with quick access to user wallets and the uploading page. Accessible to all will be a platform drop down menu for help, FAQ, and other information regarding our platform and business.

Added storage plans

Server costs are expensive, and although our services will be provided free of charge, covering server costs is a priority when running a profitable business. Using other music subscription providers as a guide, our storage plans will be cheaper than other providers, whilst providing the same, if not more, storage amounts. These plans will be accessible from the add-on page.


Utilizing the same custom JSON protocols allowed by the Steem blockchain, we can point to a payment application integrated on our servers. Users will be able to set micropayment parameters for their music, if they so wish, allowing other users to purchase & download that users audio file. Users will be responsible for providing license agreements for each audio file, which will be displayed before purchase. Once a transaction has been sent and confirmed, a user will be able to press download, and download the file directly from our servers.


Promotion is a large part of the music industry, and as such, advertising options will be made available for purchase. Specifically, users will be allowed to promote themselves on the front page of the platform, the page seen before sign in. We do not wish to see advertisement in user feeds. There is to be a featured artist page for promoted artists.

Current State

Our project is already being constructed, with the domain already functional. We plan to have most of the features discussed above implemented by the end of the month within a working prototype. Our plan is to release alpha invitations to our email subscribers up until the THIRSTY crowd sale starting March 1st, after which subscribers will only be able to sign up for beta. This allows first access for those who're interested in investing in our platform, and for anyone else that's interested in using the platform in the future. Alpha invitations will be limited, so it's first in first served.


@senseiteekay - project manager
@klye - lead web developer
@raymonjohnstone - web developer

Project status:

  • Streams concept design
  • Domain & server functional
  • Research & development

Delivery goal:

  • 1 month: Working prototype
  • 3 months: Limited Alpha release
  • 6 months: Public beta release


Thirsty Entertainment capital allocation:

30% of the capital gained during our crowd sale will be used toward funding this project. Whilst 30% may not seem like a lot, Streams has the highest percentage of funding allocation among our projects. More details on the Thirsty Entertainment crowd sale, asset structure, and capital allocation will be released later this week.

  • Any rewards from this post is to be added to the company's capital.


Those who wish to donate to this project can do so by sending STEEM or SBD to the @thirsty account. If you would like to donate by another means, please contact us via email:

Interested in joining the team?

We are currently looking for front & back end developers to join our team.

For more information, forward your expression of interest to:

Follow our Social Media feeds for future updates

Website: (coming soon)
Instagram: @thirstyentertainment or
Linked In:
Google +:

Streams: (coming soon)

Thirsty Entertainment is a registered and trademarked Australian Business. The content and images shared herein are copyright 2017 Thirsty®. All rights reserved. ABN: 37440459113

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Was waiting for this from a long time. Getting paid for new and independent musicians is hard these days. This will surely promote talent and give aspiring musicians a platform to showcase their talents!

Was waiting for this today. Can't wait to check it out! Awesome way to bring value to the blockchain.

P.S. It would be really neat if artists could set bounties for their songs. Like, I'm giving x amount of steam to X amount of people who listen to this.


I think a bounty of that kind may hurt your wallet if your song started trending :) Interesting idea though, thanks for the input.


Totally, so you let them cap it at a certain $(steem) amount.

After that runs out, any virality would pay for the initial investment.


id like to see this become a major contender in the music industry. Congrats!

Awesome project! Keep up the good work. Hopefully it takes off!

Best of luck to the team. It is nice to see goals, deliverables, metrics and a business model being used. Watching with interest and good wishes.

This is exactly what we need. Count me in.


Thank you for your interest :)

Nice. Could you not make it Streems though just to have the similarity to Steem?


That was actually a consideration during our branding, but we decided to go against it.


We wanted to stay away from the Steem play on words because we're a separate entity from the Steem and Steemit brand.


Such a fantastic Idea! Subscribed to the mailing list :)

Very interesting; Have quite a few friends being music producers; Will start socialising this project with them. Looking fwd to the next steps.

Upvoted and Following.

I am an artist as well so I will def checkout soon after I get done handling some business ;)
Thx! I've been looking for a better way to sell music and what better way than the "BLOCK"!

Nice idea. I'm not too vast in all these but won't it affect what Steemit users make since it will be "eating" from the same Steem reward pool (which is not unlimited)

Awesome idea - it is a very good case how blockchains can transform business - redistribute profits of monopolized industries. Great - I look forward to the alpha.

This sounds great. I've already paid some musicians in Steem for their music, but a proper service will make it easier. I'm happy to be using some of what I earn here to support them.

As a musician myself, I'm going to have to keep an eye on this! Super interesting!

nice idea,
any wireframe available to understand the real user experience provided by the service ? still not easy to visualize.
we could also be interested to have you guys integrated as a Busy app, if the project /product can fit our platform

keep the good work

Your email address doesn't work. Do you have another?


Thanks for your comment. We were experiencing some technical difficulties with G suite. We are fixing the problem now. Is there anything I can help you with here?


. I need email setup for Can you point me to some good docs or example config files?


The problem has been fixed. You should be able to send through your email now.

These are amazingly appealing websites.
How did you manage to design such magnificence (or who did you hire)and what hosting platforms are being used?


Thanks @coloured-content. Our web developers, @raymonjohnstone & @klye, are putting in a lot of work to get stuff done. Couldn't do it without them!


Are they the ones responsible for your sites?


Yeah. They're both excellent at what they do.


And how did you get them to do it?


They're both important members of our team. They're paid each week through asset issuance, and are enthusiastic about seeing the platform succeed.

Congratulation team @thirsty to bringing this project to the community. You can count of me here at Steem Québec to bring showcase this project in our Steem Local Community and Share it on other social network like facebook: . I support this project.

I hope everyone can get behind this project
because i think this can have a profound effect
on the power that a musician has over their music.

Say there is to be a second coin like this. Both running at the same time Would that be good for both parties? Or would it be competition?

Any news on this? Looks amazing!

Is there any news?