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Review about CyberFM

Hi guys back again with me, in this post I don't want to give you any review about the ongoing ICO project, but I will review a product from the end of ice project, right now we can see that the platform of the Music streaming is very popular, we can see that everyone is using that platform, but we can see about the limitation of that, the consumer need to pay the subscription to enjoy the music, However, we can use the radio to enjoy our music without any money, and subscription program, but there is a problem if we left the radio coverage our radio signal is gone and we can't enjoy that music again, so we can't hear our music anywhere and anytime. But with this application, we don't need to be in a place to enjoy our radio, because we can hear our radio everywhere and anywhere using the internet access, let me introduce you to CybeFM ( with this application we don't think where we are to enjoy the music, every time and everywhere we just need to put our earphone on and internet access we can hear our favorite song.


CyberFm is the new ways to listen to radio via online, the traditional ways is using the cloud and we need the radio signal receiver to receive the music from the radio, and we can see that in our laptop and new phone this features is not included, but we can see that the internet access is more easy to get, so this platform uses the internet access to access the "radio server" so every people in all world can use this application with their internet access.

This app is ready for Android, Apple, and Amazon, it is the best 3 platform that usually used by the user in the world, and today I will tell you about the platform in android because I just have an android device haha.

This is the screenshot from the CyberFM play store, this platform is already downloaded more than 1000 Downloader and have the 4.7 Rating from 5, its mean that this application is work good and have the good features. next

This is the Cyber FM on my Home Screen page, the logo has the red color and white background.

inside 1.PNG
This is the inside of the application, there are many categories that we can listen, from the CyberFM Latino, Country, Streetz, The Cross, Rock Radio, and Xtreme 4 all, this category will be updated in the future so keep update with this platform.

inside 2.PNG
This is the inside of the music player, we can see that in the top of the page is the category that we choose, in the middle is the singer photos, the navigation for previous, pause, and next, title singer name, share button and information button.


This application is good for you to listen to music in free version without buying a subscription or you are like to find the alternative song, find the new title, and find the good song to hear it. I am very like with this platform because we can listen to the music every time and everywhere if you curious about this platform you need to try it and download it from play store, or app store.

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