And this is why I loathe streaming.

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They fight over the prize plums of directors and screenplays and then... well, once they have you they 'won' and they no longer give a shit.

But this is modern society in a nutshell, right?

Can you imagine a time where execs lived or died by how they managed their prime content? Which slot they put your show in? What it went up against? everyone sitting waiting for the ratings to come in. Now every show, every director, every concept, every screenplay is pitched up against the Superbowl and judged a failure.

Unless you are Snyder.

We live in the Snyderification of society at the end of cultural days. When everything panders to a certain type of fanbro.

When what you COULD have made is more important than what you actually did. A howlocracy, where the loudest fanbros and billionaires get whatever they want and everything else is shovelled into a bin.

There used to be a rumour back in the 80's that shady government agencies read Neuromancer and slapped it on the desk at MIT telling them to build it. Modern streaming is like... that, but with Nathan Barley. You get the biggest names in the world, the biggest talents, throw money at them and then talentless no account wannabe fanbros tell them what failures they are because of algorithms that deliberately show me adverts for microwaves because THEY KNOW I JUST BOUGHT ONE.

You know Disney couldn't even be arsed to tell me Season 3 of Bad Batch was coming let alone out. Because the bottom line is that





Everyone chases a mythical audience they can't have, with advertising spend they don't have, to achieve targets they have already decided upon. You ever think that maybe Lucas passed on Rebel Moon because it was shit?

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