Twitch and Youtube Need to Crack Down More on Shock Humor IRL Streamers

in streaming •  11 months ago

If you havent seen yesterday, Arab Andy, a prominent Youtube shock humor streamer was arrested after he trespassed onto a college and into a classroom while a meeting was taking place. He had text to speech set up where anyone who donated X amount would have the donation read aloud from his phone. Obviously someone pretended like a bomb was being detonated and added beeping noises to simulate a count down. The people in the room were terrified and ran for their lives. These type of text to speech shock streamers have been popping up lately for taking things further and they need to be cracked down on.

The IRL streaming category for the most part is pretty destructive and many of the people on there only get away with things because they have such a huge audience. While Twitch has forced many of the most toxic people off their platform there are still a lot more that need to go. Another streamer Chad was just banned from Twitch for doing the same text to speech thing but instead of simulating a bomb someone had the message scream the N word over and over again in the middle of a party. There is a black girl there who seems very uncomfortable and then he zooms in on her and just films her reaction.

This type of behavior is disgusting and is only being done because platforms are incentivizing sociopaths to make money by going out in public and acting like assholes. The usual excuse on their part is something along the lines of “I didnt say it, it was text to speech” but they enabled it and knew exactly what was going to happen when they set it up. Its ironic because they don't feel any remorse for people who get upset after they disrupt the public and then they are the first to get upset and start complaining when their accounts get banned.

Its really easy to be an asshole when you are sitting behind a computer and even easier to be one when you are saying things vicariously behind text to speech. This trend isnt funny its akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater and the people who are partaking are toxic to not only the online community but the streaming community. They are going to be the reason why people think bad of streamers and the community as a whole. They should not only be banned from Twitch and YouTube, but also shunned by the community they are hurting. I get some people like shock humor, but there is such a thing as taking it too far when you create a danger for other people in your area.

I foresee crackdowns on the IRL sections of YouTube and Twitch being increased in the coming months strictly because it is a bad decision business wise to take on such heat. I really have zero sympathy for the people partaking in these actions and being arrested. I personally hope they make an example out of people like Arab Andy. It may seem like a joke just watching a video, but like what one person who was in the classroom said, the guy walked in was acting really weird and when asked if he was supposed to be there, just smiled and said yes. To the people in the classroom that person could have been someone with deadly intentions, they dont know. Incentivizing people to make others feel unsafe is too much.


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This stuff is really terrible. It's hard to know where to draw the line in some cases, but as soon as somebody does anything that is harassing other people (like the example of the n word being screamed off of a laptop), that should be grounds for huge suspensions and then permanent bans imo. Fucking no excuse for that and one of the rare instances where censorship on YouTube would be useful