Steemew Twitch Streaming! #6: Viewer Curation Special!

in streaming •  last year

Hey everyone! Back with some more streaming!

After celebrating becoming Twitch affiliate on last stream and reaching 100+ followers and 1000+ total views today I've managed to save up some voting power to do another:

Viewer Curation Special!

This means that you are allowed to join in and drop in a link in chat to your post which I will curate on stream! Of course mind your manners and don't just drop a link and leave :)

To avoid people from just dropping link and leaving there is a restriction where you have to have followed for 10 minutes before you are allowed to chat!

Welcome and enjoy the stream! You might find many other Steemians in the chat! :)

Sign up to Twitch and throw me a follow here to be able to chat!

If you wanna watch my older streams you can find these here (click on the image):

click here!

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Duuuude! how do I not know about this new Twitch account of yours???? Followed!


Just started like a week ago. ^^


ewww, I woke up now, are you online on Twitch ? o.O


Not anymore. :p


Night owl :P
When I get asleep then you appear :/

Ugh, I can't believe I missed your stream today @acidyo. ಥ_ಥ


Haha, there's always a next time. :D

I will join this definitely. Thanks for sharing this great information.

@acidyo, nice creativity sir. I join it soon,.. Thanks for doing countless effort for steemit form.....Appreciated ...,,..UPVOTE..

I'm trying to write and it says I need a verification, why is that?


Its probably an email verification.


it's funny I was watching you replying to my message but I can't chat, so sad.

Hi @acidyo, I just landed at your Twitch and now trying to understand how it works. Thanks for sharing the link. If it's something good, I will do a review.

Good job @acidyo. Stay awesome and keep sharing the valuable stuff. You're an inspiration for many.

Steem On!

Not heard of it much and don't know how it works. Anyway, since I have been following your posts for some time now and I know you always share something valuable, so I will take a look at it.

Thank You @acidyo. Good luck!

I will be streaming too later tonight.. Playing Warface :D
More Power to streamers here on steemit :D

@acidyo, I'm really enjoying watching your Twitch feed! I like idea of curating live with an audience... very cool!

Followed. My username is reviloocuic :-)


Nice post, much upvote. Wow.

hopefully will be the best in assessing and predicting what is appropriate and which gives for us a good together.

@acidyo, I have beem a member of twitch. Thanks for sharing me the link.

Regard fom Indonesia.

Great news for all steemians thanks for sharing and I will difinatily join this....

Nice post

Awesome man, watching the stream, really cool!

Its a great idea, i will join soon.

HI! @acidyo , two day ago i have joined twitch and i have to understand more about it to know the functionality. as i can see your hard work it must be great
Thanks for the link.

Once again we can enjoy healing! Very good job you've been doing @acidyo.
I hope I can continue to see more of this.

very beautiful post friend, friend if foam please visit my friend's blog.

Interesting and good postings, that's what we hope to be better, and can judge what is appropriate and what is just looking for something rather than giving the best here. good post and valuable.

OMG, I miss that!

2nd consecutive stream I have missed. Fml!

My main man and witness...nice concept but break this down in layman terms...

Excellent... I follow you, you follow me and upvote for me I upvoted for you and I am always with you and will be there... please.

Nice post, please upvote four post and follow me and i have upvote and follow its your turn bro.

That's new for me. Gotta check it out. Thanks for the info @acidyo :)

Ooh nice, too bad I missed it. Are you streaming a lot on Twitch?

This is awesome and a good one to join, thanks. I am sure that the sign up will grow
Feel free to see my post on the latest scam and phishing going on on steemit, your support will give it more exposure, thanks..Wish you a blessed day.

I think I will need to follow and keep an eye on your posts from now on 😁


i missed this one:(:( abangers natin sis.


sayang nga sis eh! haha

I missed this one this week:)
@acidyo thank you for doing this for us:)
Have a good day.

i like your post ... upvote @acidyo by @amjad11


your banner at the bottom of your posts is awesome

Sorry I missed this, but glad some members of The Writers' Block passed through and shared their posts.

You do great things @acidyo