DEAR LITTLESCRIBE: Interview with @timcliff tomorrow! -- Top 4 Witness

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I'm a movie Star! What do you mean you've never heard of me? | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

I'll be interviewing Top 4 Witness, @timcliff TOMORROW, May 30th!

Get to know @timcliff -- what makes him tick, what brought him here, what made him stay, what are his goals in life and for steemit, what does he think needs improvement, what are his latest Hard Fork requests, what does he like on his pizza...and more!

* ANNOUNCEMENT: Legit debates between top witnesses are forthcoming, and @timcliff and @sircork will be my first victims guests on the show. That event is fast approaching so stay tuned for the announcement...I'm on every Wednesday via the Steemstar Network (scroll down for details)

Last Week 5/23/18

Last week's interviews with @mistermercury and with @darrenclaxton were a blast. Catch the recorded show below:

The below schedule is mostly in stone, but is subject to change. So be sure to watch for updates.

Wednesday 5/30/18:


  • Get to know Top 5 Witness on Steemit!


  • Top 30 SPL contestant, SPL Blog manager and moderator, @buildawhale co-curator, cofounder of Community Casino, smacktalker, dog lover. And contrary to popular belief, @bethalea and @tuck-fheman are not married. Just friends. On steemit. The end. But I thought they were. And this made for a great rumor while it lasted. Sorry to disappoint you all....sadface.

Wednesday 6/6/18:


@timcliff V. @sircork

  • Tentative Witness Hoedown. Official date TBD...

Wednesday 6/13/18:


  • Get to know a top 10 witness on steemit!


  • Life (slash) energy coach. She'll be talking about how you know if someone is keeping a secret, and what to do about it!

Wednesday 6/20/18:


Wednesday 6/27/18:

April Meservy

  • Singer/songwriter, and old college buddy. Her cover of "With or Without You" was played at this years' Olympics in Korea during an ice skating event. Give a listen!

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i can't wait for tomorrrowwwwww!!!!!


And you come on right after a top dude. So it should be a fun little segue. Also, I'm so excited too! I'm gunna need me some girl time after that.


I'll be listening!!!! :)
@dreemsteem, for the Welcome Wagon ;)


We'll squeeze you in before the second segment. I have reserved a special seat just for you.

I love it! Great idea and I look forward to watching a number of these.


I'll keep an eye out for you! We'll have the chat on STEEMTOPIA discord.

Love your work @littlescribe - interviewing witnesses is a fantastic idea. We see these people on the witness leaderboards, but we don't know who they are or more importantly what drives them to be witnesses in the first place.

Especially curious to hear @timcliff thoughts on the current state of Steem, specifically the quality problem and imbalance between whales and minnows, flagging system and more importantly his faith in Steemit Inc to drive the platform forward.


Come to the show tomorrow and post your question in the text chat, and flag me down so I remember to ask it. I have a list of things to go through with him. This sounds like one that's worth bringing up. I think you are asking a few separate things, really.

1 - The imbalance between minnows and whales
2 - The flagging system
3 - Whether Steemit Inc is doing a good job in driving the platform

I know for sure he'll be able to address the last one, at least in part, as we'll be discussing his attempt at coding for hard forks. That seems to be something he's excited about. As am I. Until recently, Steemit Inc is the only one able to code hard forks. So he wants to change that.

Looking forward to this! Resteeming this on the Welcome Wagon blog for all our newbies to see :)