Stream services revive piracy

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Netflix and Amazon can feel responsible!
Thanks to streaming services, almost no one is trying to download movies from the Internet anymore. Whether you're betting on pirated streaming services or Netflix, keeping files is getting less and less. Although it is easy, critics believe it has the opposite effect. Piracy can return very quickly since it is impossible for a person to subscribe to all streaming services and look for alternative ways. This means that the search for titles such as "Game of Thrones", "House of Cards" and many more, is becoming more popular on the web.

The irony in the whole picture comes when we remember that all these services were created to reduce piracy and shut down the mouths of companies suffering from this experience. The case will become even stronger after we realize that Disney will release its own streaming service in late 2019. On the one hand, it is clear that the battle will boost competition and offer enough broadcasts, but on the other hand it is certain that many will surf the web, searching for torrents with the right content, and from there will reach more viruses.

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