Helping stray dogs 2.0? Interested?

in #stray-dogs5 years ago


I have a passion for helping straydogs. This may sound strange in combination with steem. But I found that most non-profit organisations in Europe who focus on this issue are mostly run by people whom are not really up to date on new technology and new digital initiatives.

In raising awareness and starting new projects to help straydogs, or promote animalrights in general, it feels like lots of potential and creativity is not being used.

Since I have the feeling that most of you on Steem are still early adapters it felt like a good platform to reach out and see if there are people with good ideas and technical skills and start looking at this issue and possible solution from a different angle.

It would be nice to have a small community with people who share this interest. So, please reach out and lets see what we can do!

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