Aretha (1 year, female): looking for her forever home!

in #stray-dogs5 years ago (edited)

Aretha (8).JPG

Aretha, this social, active and friendly girl is about 1 year old. She's been in the shelter for half a year now, which means she becoming an adult dog in capitivity. It would be so great to see her with a nice family where she can learn what it means to be a dog. Are you looking for a new buddy and a friend for life? Please resteem.

In the shelter where she's staying about 400 dogs are residing. Most are staying with 6-8 other dogs in cages of about 14-15 squares meters. Just recently we discovered this shelter and found out that they have no contact with foreign non-profits specialized in adoption of dogs. Thats were we could help them. Slowly more and more organisations are finding their way to this shelter and some dogs can finally go to their new families.

If your based in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden or Germany and want to take care of Aretha, please let us know. We can get you into contact with a good and trustworthy organisation in these countries.

She deserves a chance on a normal life. Don't you think?

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