STRATIS launches 2 new ICOs on its platform!

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Thanks for watching guys. Don't forget about my giveaway for more details check out my video titled $100 Steem Dollar giveaway. Stratis has proven itself over the last 6 months. Its has established many relationships including with Microsoft and has come through with its promises of development. With having 2 new ICOs that will be announced in the next few days and a brand new partnership, I believe we will see some serious growth out of Stratis.

Watch my video for more details. Thank you.

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Ahh Stratis. I bought 10 a ways back it could really spike any time. Thanks for the reminder video and I shall refresh myself with their website.

It seems to be that coin everyone bought once upon a time and forgot about.

This was my surprise token... You are correct that they seem to deliver.. The only other coin that seem to deliver is Neblio....

Almost a 100 subs here!!

Great work cryptokristof! Ty for spotlighting stratis and these icos!

It's certainly a decent little pullback to grab a position. More shit to research, not enough hours in the day - you're killing me lol (but I love it). Really glad your lad is out of the woods - and thanks heaps for still making videos at the hospital - no-one expects that. Hopefully you made them to get your mind off of things rather than feeling obliged.

Hi. My first Dtube comment:) Thanks for the intro to Steemit/Dtube.

I appreciate you coming along to join me on Steemit.

As always great information! I wish I got into crypto currency trading a long time ago. I am still very new to all of it but I am learning at a super fast pace, sponging off the net like crazy! Learning learning learning every day. Like I said I wish I got into this earlier. I would be just that much wealthier!!! Glad to hear your boy is doing better. Keep up the good work!

I appreciate that a lot. Are you in the STL area?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am in So Cal. I wish I was in STL! Probably way better than Cali! Wait every state is way better than Cali!!! Hahaha

Good content I just watched your video on youtube. I just added you, help me out too brotha. Keep up the awesome work!!

Thank you very much. I look forward to helping all of us make more money.

Straits is going good.

I do think 2018 is the year for Platforms (as well as Regulation) as this year a lot more attention will come to this space from Institutions and individuals. Future Quality ICO’s will need enhanced access as well as better security than just a DDOS proof website.

A good platform coin can also adapt to the future requirements and regulations by adding, modifying or withdrawing certain functionality in a short space of time if it is an OG coin or has a strong core development team. I think Stratis has All of these attributes. Peace!

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