Things You Must Have Answers To, IV.

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I always tell people, life doesn't come with a manual or instruction, we all live and learn as we go and grow through life.

No one is just to live or exist in life. We all have things we are supposed to do. We shouldn't just go through life unnoticed. We are here for a reason, and with commitment we can find our space and our place.

As human, you need to be able to have answers to these things i am about to highlight below, if you are to live a fulfilled life; a life of no regret whatsoever.

...continued... from part 1, part 2 and part 3

2. HOW?.


Now that you already know the "What", you should seek to get an answer to "How" you want to fulfil your purpose in life, if you are to live fulfilled. The "How" talks about the strategy you are about to employ to bring about your purpose, your dreams and aspirations.

In Economics, it is always important for a producer to know "What to produce", "How to produce it", "For whom they are producing it", and seeing that resources are scarce, also "How to effectively and efficiently allocate these scarce resources". The same is applicable in life. You have to have a strategy on how you can birth your dreams and live a fulfilled life.


There is always a "how" to do things. There is a "how" to talk, a "how" to cook. Cooking in itself has a strategy. Some people cook salt and then add rice hahaha. There is a "how" to do things and you need to learn it. How do you fulfil your purpose after you already know it? You need a strategy.

I recently watched a video on YouTube and this lady complained to an expert in food matters about how her rice is always soggy anytime she makes it. She said she is tired of making soggy rice and she needs to know the "how". The expert laughed and then told her how to make it better. The expert taught her exactly how i make my rice.


I was a little confused because i thought everyone could make rice. I felt it should be an easy thing to do and this is where we miss it. We feel everyone can do things because we can do them. Just because we have a purpose in life doesn't mean everyone else has found theirs also. It was obvious she added too much water and also she must have stirred the rice also, not leaving out the fact that she must have been opening the pot few times too

There is a "How" to do things, find out; research and ask questions. No man is an island of knowledge, no man knows it all and no man has the monopoly of knowledge. Seek to always learn how best to do things and keep an open mind, so you can see what others didn't see and you can do it better too; reinvent. be continued...

Thank you for your time.

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Still me,

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The "How" of life is without fail an important ingredient that can't be left out of life's endeavour. Knowing "what" is not complete without a knowlege of "how". There must be a process/procedure, modules oprandi too and so on.
There is no doubt the "how" tag of life is a big break to life breakthrough.


Absolutely!. Beautifully written bro. I enjoyed your comment as always. Gracias amigo.

What good content you did, I will be supporting your content, I see that you strive to do a good job, I will be supporting you.


Really appreciate this. Thanks a lot.