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Playing games is fun and relaxing, well, sharing the great experience with others is even more enjoyable. With the games on the list below, you can have fantastic moments playing games with your friends. This game collection is one of the best in the 2 player strategy category; you can play online and free on your PC.

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1, Creetor Animation Fighting: Luffy VS Naruto

Fighting games sound nothing to do with strategy games, but if you are a good fighter, you must have an excellent strategic mind. In the fights, you must remember various combos to instantly counter your opponent moves. Some fights end fast if a player knows the right chain combos and left his opponent no chance to give any punch or kick. Creetor Animation Fighting: Luffy VS Naruto is fighting strategy game where you can have the best fights of your life. You can choose one of the four famous characters from your favorite animes; you can have the nine-tail fox Naruto, Ichigo from bleach, Luffy the pirate king or the strongest Sayan Songoku. Alongside WASD navigation keys, players can use four main action buttons and combine them to play more techniques. The Creetor Animation Fighting has ten combos to use, so you should learn them all to master the game. You can also release the ultimate once the short bar under the health bar is full. Players can take the fight alone or with friends in the 2-player mode.

The game is in 2D graphics, the character moves and actions are smooth to give you the best fights. You can play the game online and free from your PC, so check it out now!

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2, Avatar Fortress Fight 2

Avatar the Last Airbender is a famous comic title, bringing readers to the fancy world of chaos and controlling the elements. There are four elements human can control, air, fire, water, and earth, but Airbenders were all murdered by the fire nation. Fire nation has a big ambition of ruling the world by force and killing, causing the wars among the three kingdoms. Avatar Fortress Fight 2 is one of the best strategy games, giving you the fierce fights between the three kingdoms. You can choose one of the three nations so that you will use the power of one element to take down enemy dojo. Each nation has a fortress to protect, and the nation wins once enemy’s dojo is destroyed. The player picks one type of attacks to launch to the enemy territory, here the strategy part kicks off, you are first to choose the angle then set the force of the launch. Your launch can be more powerful if you hit the bonus boosters up on the sky, so try to catch them if you can. Avatar Fortress Fight 2 is a cool destructive game with tons of attack kinds for each element, so join and discover the powerful and awesome combos of all three elements. It is a 2-player game, so ask one of your friends to challenge him on Avatar Fortress Fight 2 online and free now!

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3, Ultimate TicTacToe

TicTacToe is a fun game that many of us used to play in our student life, Are you a nostalgic person and want to bring back those good old days? Then play TicTacToe online! If you are bored of the old TicTacToe games and want to try a new strategy in the games, then why don’t give Ultimate TicTacToe a try. The regular TicTacToe games are only on the 3x3 grid, and the games end so fast, Ultimate TicTacToe brings 5x5 and 7x7 modes into the game. Players get to choose the game mode of standard 3x3, 5x5 or 7x7, and the objective of the game is to line 4 matches in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You can play Ultimate TicTacToe with the computer or with your friend in 2 players mode. So turn on your PC browser, and challenge your friend in Ultimate TicTacToe! The game is free-to-play and online, with no download needed!

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4, Master Chess

Chess is the ultimate IQ games that require an excellent strategy for every move you make. Two players are sitting on the two ends of the chessboard, and yet they are like in a fierce battle. Every good chess player is a genius man; they think ahead many moves and can make great sacrificial moves to trick opponents into the traps. If you want decent chess games, then Master Chess is one good chess game for you! Master Chess is one of the best chess games on the internet; the game has no redundant features like other chess games, just chess pieces and a square chessboard. You can practice with the computer or challenge your friend in the 2-player mode. The game counts your timing, and you can send your records to see where are you on the game Chessboard. The game can be played from any PC browser online and free, so check out now!

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5, 2048 2 Player

Every year, the mobile gaming community welcomes a new hit game, like Flappy Bird or Subway Surfer, They win the dominant not because of the great graphics or so like in PC games, but of the unique and new experiences they offer. 2048 was a big hit in 2016 when it sat on the top apps of Appstore and Google Play for weeks. The game is one of the most amazing puzzles and strategy games, player swipe left right down or up to move the entire rows of numbers, and once the two same numbers meet they add up and merge into one. The game ends if the grid cannot add more numbers to it. 2048 now can be played on PC with an additional feature of the 2-player mode; you can play alone or compete with your friend to see who can hold the game running longer. Each player plays in a 4x4 grid, and the two will play at the same time, so don't get distracted by the other game. 2048 2 Player is a cool game guaranteeing exciting and fun time playing with friends. Try the game on PC online and free now.


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