What is the Best Selling Autoflower Strain?

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Auto Xtreme is a strain that is growing in popularity, thanks to its good performance when growing and is one of the best-selling strains on Anubis Seeds (https://www.anubis-seeds.co.uk/). It takes around 85 days to take the strain from seed to harvest, with a great yield to boot. Beware though, it is quite a potent strain, so we would recommend that you build up some sort of tolerance if you are just getting started using cannabis.


The strain was first created by industry heavyweights Dutch Passion. This was actually their first adventure into autos, and they designed the strain in order for it to grow big and provide an excellent yield.

If you have never had any previous experience of growing autos, it produces cannabis that is as potent as normal cannabis, yet it is easier to grow and is often a lot more resistant to disease and pests.

The strain originates from a cross between Super Haze and Amnesia Haze. When you grow AutoXtreme, you will notice that it produces a magnificent Christmas tree like structure, which accompanies a large central bloom, which is covered by a ring of rather impressive side blooms. Most growers won’t experience any problems with the growing process when using AutoXtreme. The aroma of this strain is particularly pleasing, and reminds me of a combination of menthol and coconut that needs to be smelled to be believed! It is recommended that you use some string to help support the branches of an AutoXtreme plant, as the buds can get rather heavy due to the height of the plant.

When using the strain, you will notice right away that it packs a punch! The buzz is quite long lasting, thanks to the high concentration of THC that accompanies this strain. Users sometimes experience a heavy head when they first use the strain, which then passes to produce a rather pleasant high.


It is best to soak the seeds for a period of around 24 hours before germinating in “Root Riot” seedling cubes, or equivalent. As a grow method, we used a 14 litre airpot for optimal growing foundations. In terms of soil, a Plagron Light Mix is an example soil to use, as it has all the nutrients to maximize the yield of AutoXtreme. Watering the plants is key and keeping on top of nutrient supplements is advised. We found that our yield after drying was 303g, which is a pretty healthy yield.

For more autoflowering seeds for sale, check out https://www.anubis-seeds.co.uk/shop/.

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