Cannabis Strain Review - King Louis XIII [ Indica Dominant ]

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Drinkzya here with another weekly strain review. This week I'm featuring the renown and super chronic, King Louie XIII. I picked up this specific indica at Tru-Med as you can see on the packaging, which I consider to be one of Phoenix's more upscale dispensaries. In a few weeks, I'll be bringing you guys an official tour of Tru-Med to show you some of the many amazing edibles, oils, and flowers now that I have officially gotten the OK from the owner. King Louis XIII is a phenotype of the hybrid OG Kush, which is some of the most potent flower I've ever had the pleasure of smoking. While in Portland, Oregon last June I smoked some OG Kush that tested over 32% THC and to date is the highest THC level I have ever seen for flower.

After some research, I found the traditional spelling for this strain is indeed King Loui(s) XIII not King Loui(e) XIII as the packaging shows, but I am told they are still one and the same. This killer grown with organic nutrients, comes with one of the cleanest tastes I've had the pleasure of experiencing. It hits, and hard, take it easy pulling on this one.

This bud delivers one of the heaviest highs and that's a no-brainer when this strain tests at over a whopping 20%+ THC level regularly, this is one yield not to take lightly. The King Louis will leave you with an amazing body high but on the same note you can count on being locked down and confined to the house for the rest of the night.

The flower is incredibly sticky, to the point it starts to create hash on my fingers rolling it up. The bud is also rock hard making breaking it up by hand a bit difficult. As I break it up, the full aroma of the flower takes effect and it is incredibly pleasant, as if I'm standing in the middle of a forest. Expect to have the trail of a skunk when carrying a bag of this around.


All in all, King Louis XIII is one of my favorite indica's and should you ever see it on the shelf in a store near you, I suggest you pick it up immediately while the chance is there unless you're lucky enough to have it available year round.

Until next time!

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Nice man! somebody having a good weekend. lol

Great review! glad to see others doingem too :D!

20% THC, darn! thats high, wish they had them written up in Amsterdam aswell