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About Stox :
Stox is an open source, Ethereum based stage for forecast markets where individuals can exchange the result of occasions in any conceivable class - sports, big name relational unions, decision comes about and even the climate. The stage targets standard crowds and gives a sanctuary to speculators to discover shelter from customary monetary instruments and take an interest in forecast occasions with the motivation behind making benefit, utilizing their insight in any conceivable field.
Stox was composed by veterans of the web based exchanging industry, utilizing the information and experience gained by is a set up online money related organization which has been working in the venture field since 2014.'s exchanging stages suit over 3 million enlisted clients and encouraged in excess of 8 million exchanges a year ago alone. contribute. com right now utilizes more than 200 workers crosswise over 5 nations, giving the strong establishment and foundation of the establishment to bootstrap the Stox organize.

The power behind Stox is the STX digital token. All activity in the network revolves around STX, from serving as the primary form for fees and collaterals, to serving as the main currency used for predicting event outcomes. STX is the driver of a sustainable economy where demand grows as more users and providers join the ecosystem.


Building the Blockchain Prediction Market :
Single Token Economy
Using the wisdom of the crowd, combined with their own individual skills and knowledge, people will be able to predict the outcome of events in almost any imaginable category: Finance, sports, politics and even the weather. Powering Stox is the STX digital token, the primary form for fees, collateral, and the currency for wagers in event predictions.
Stox is designed, first and foremost, as a practical framework for the mainstream prediction market.

What are prediction markets :
Prediction markets are an exchange where any individual or organization can tap into the "wisdom of the crowd" to ask any question or predict the result of any event. Like any other exchange prediction platform, Stox utilizes the relevant event in the form of a stock where participants can trade on the outcome of the event. Predicted events are diverse and can be based on any imaginable topic such as election results, sports, entertainment, financial instruments and even the weather. Similar to the financial markets, which assign a price to the future estimated earnings of a stock, prediction markets assign a traded price to a belief about the future. The market price can also be used to indicates how the crowd in general sees the probability of the outcome of an event. Individuals buy and sell outcome shares based on what they see as the probability at any given moment. As long as a prediction is active, the price continues to fluctuate and indicates the probability of an outcome according to the crowd's wisdom.

Let's assume that a certain event is given a 60% chance of happening. This percentage represents the price of the event, in this case 0.6. As more people believe this event is going to happen, normally because they are in possession of information about this event but sometimes just because they are "following the crowd", more “shares" of this event outcome will be purchased and the price will increase. On contrary, some people may predict that this event will not happen and this opinion will effectively cause the price to drop. During the prediction period, the crowd analyzes the chances of this event happening, creating a useful tool to understand the crowd mindset on certain topics. Because prediction markets represent diverse thoughts and opinions from different locations and personal observations, they have proven to be effective as a prognostic tool, similar to economic markets. As a result of their visionary value, prediction markets have been utilized by institutions and large companies like Google to predict internal outcomes of product development. We believe that due to their increasing popularity, prediction markets will become a popular tool
with traders, especially as more platforms are introduced and decentralized technologies increase trust in these systems.


How To Predict :
Go to our website and sign up first. After Sign up must sign in Then Click Predictions then Market

Sign up link :

And Follow the below the image


Will Ronaldo Announce he is leaving Real Madrid Before 10 June ?

If "yes" just click the green color like button.

If "No" Just click the Red color dislike button.

Stox Cup VI Information :

Stox Cup VI will run from 16th May to 12th June, at midnight UTC.

Each Stox platform member will receive 50 STX to begin making predictions, (which are not able to be withdrawn) but will help you on your journey to earn real STX.

In addition, you now have the ability to add real STX to increase your available balance via our smart contract wallets.

You will also receive Brain Power points for every correct prediction, and real STX tokens if you place on the leaderboard.

Our prizes are the highest so far, with over 15,000 real STX tokens for places 1 - 150.
Keep in mind, your real STX are never at risk!

1st Place: 1500 STX
2nd Place: 1200 STX
3rd Place: 1000 STX
4th Place: 800 STX
5th Place: 700 STX
6th Place: 650 STX
7th Place: 600 STX
8th Place: 550 STX
9th Place: 500 STX
10th Place: 450 STX
11th Place: 400 STX
12th Place: 370 STX
13th Place: 350 STX
14th Place: 320 STX
15th Place: 310 STX
16th Place: 300 STX
17th Place: 250 STX
18th Place: 230 STX
19th Place: 220 STX
20th Place: 210 STX
21th Place: 200 STX
22th Place: 190 STX
23th Place: 180 STX
24th Place: 170 STX
25th Place: 160 STX
26th Place: 150 STX
27th Place: 140 STX
28th Place: 130 STX
29th Place: 120 STX
30-31th Place: 110 STX
32th Place: 100 STX
33th Place: 95 STX
34th Place: 90 STX
35th Place: 85 STX
36th Place: 80 STX
37th Place: 75 STX
38-39th Place: 70 STX
40-41th Place: 65 STX
42-43th Place: 60 STX
44-45th Place: 55 STX
46-47th Place: 50 STX
48-49th Place: 45 STX
50-53th Place: 40 STX
54-56th Place: 35 STX
57-61th Place: 30 STX
62-65th Place: 25 STX
66-70th Place: 20 STX
71-80th Place: 15 STX
81-100th Place: 10 STX
101-150th Place: 5 STX

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Predict like a game..this is a knowledgeable game..nice post..

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