"I Finally Do" - A story in 50 words

in storyinfiftywords •  5 months ago

She was just as lovely at 65 as she was at 16. The years had changed her but never diminished her. Her dress was simple, her smile radiant and the groom beamed at her with a love that lit up the whole church. She would be his wife after all.

The word that inspired this story was 'wife' courtesy of https://randomwordgenerator.com/. I looked at it for a while and tossed it around from different angles in my mind and decided that I could very well write something sweet. I think I'll try to keep the titles more interesting from now on but we'll see.


Image sourced from pixabay.com

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Very sweet indeed - some loves are worth waiting for! Great description of the lucky couple themselves :)

What a good idea using the word generator too - much quicker than the #freewrite prompts which are, alas, only once every 24 hours.


Thank you :) I think it's popular to put young love on a pedestal but people can still find the love of their lives at a much older age. As for the word generator, I got the idea when I realised I sometimes felt like writing in between prompts and it felt like a real shame to let that feeling pass while I waited.

Love is a beautiful thing whether in old or young age. Big ups dear.