Once Upon a Time There Was A Bad Dream (PowerHouseCreatives Contest)

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Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was a little girl who had bad dreams, and they were very bad dreams. But, don’t worry because this story has a very happy ending, very happy indeed!

The little girl would get very frightened, because most every night after she fell asleep, giant snakes would come slithering from under the bed and out of the closet and they would come and wrap around her and tie her to her bed so she could not escape.

Then the giant spider would come and munch on her head. The sound of the munching spider would wake her up and she would cry out to her father to help her.

After suffering many sleepless nights, her father decided to teach his little girl how to be the boss of her dreams. It was quite simple really.

The first thing he taught her to do was to order what she would like to dream about, just like ordering food in a restaurant!

So he asked his little daughter what she would like to dream about, such as cute puppies, floating butterflies and sweet flowers. Oh yes! And, she did exactly as she was instructed by her father.

Each night, after she lay her head down on her pillow, she said her prayers and then she ordered what she wanted to dream about; fluttering butterflies, pretty flowers, singing birds, rainbows, wiggly puppies and chocolate cake!

Sometimes the monster snakes and the giant brain eating spider would try to come back to visit in the middle of the night, but the father taught his little girl to turn them into puppies and butterflies.

“You can do it!” He told her; you are the boss of your dreams! Just order the snakes and spider to do exactly as you say!”

Her father continued to coach his daughter on how to order what she would see in her dreams, adding more and more of her favorite things as she began to grow and learn more about the world.

Then one day her father told her; “You don’t have to dream only about things you have already seen, but you can also dream about things you want to see.” Dream about things you want to see in your world, and what you want to be in the world. You can do anything in your dreams, because you are the boss of your dreams!”

So she listened to her father and she dreamed of machines. She dreamed of little machines that let her see and talk to people all over the world!

She dreamed of machines that let people fly anywhere, to visit waterfalls and rainbows, friendly giraffes, sweet elephants, laughing monkeys and funny squawking birds. She dreamed of going to tea parties in countries far, far away.

Sometimes the giant snakes and brain eating spider would still try to sneak back in to her dreams, but she made them go to work by turning them into machines! She showed them she was the boss of her dreams!

She dreamed of machines that would help her get out of bed in the morning because she was such a sleepy head after having such good dreams! She dreamed about machines that made all kinds of things – beautiful and helpful things, important things, machines that would help her make money.

She dreamed of being a teacher and learning all about the world. She dreamed of writing and helping other people to be happier.

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Well her father was right! She was the boss of her dreams! Because that little girl grew up to be Cindy, your new friend on Steemit! And we now use machines to talk with our Steemit friends all over the world every day!


Today, thanks to her father’s help, most of Cindy’s dreams have come true.

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I just retired as a trainer who has used machines to write various educational materials to teach people how to use computers and software and other such helpful things over the years.

I have also had the chance to travel to different countries, and plan to visit more! I am currently working on children’s books, sharing the wisdom of my father and teaching children they really can be the boss of their dreams!


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Great story. I am very close with my daughter and this sounds similar to things I used to tell her. She's at university now but she still recounts "Dad stories" to her friends.

I've submitted my entry as well. I love the theme and I hope we get lots of entries. I intend to read them all.


Thank you! and .....Awesome! Glad to meet another great dad!

Congratulations @cindyhartz.

for you

Thank you, but I think you need to put a ! before the BEER. 😁

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Your post have been shared on Teammalaysia Steem FB Page! :) Thanks for the entry!

Wow! Thank you!

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Very nice! Were you actually the little girl in the story?

Very nice! Were you
Actually the little
Girl in the story?

                 - wwwiebe

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes! It is a true story! And BTW, the spot where the spider munched - turns out there was a brain tumor growing there! It was discovered many years later! And the tumor was a ball that looked like it was formed from miniature versions of the snakes I dreamt about!

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Excellent, I like happy endings

Thank you! 😘

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Clever Dad's directing a young mind into more positive thought, what a lovely story let all your dreams come true @cindyhartz

Thank you Joan! 😘

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Brilliant! I am quite fearful of snakes myself, so I love the idea of turning your fears into something benign through your own will. "Be the boss of your dreams" Such a fantastic lesson, and it is so awesome to hear you did just that! What a great dad to help you take hold of your own power. 💚

Yes! I love sharing how amazing my father truly was! And your ESP is really working here! If you look at my comment to wwwiebe, there was even a good purpose for the snakes and spider - a benign brain tumor was lurking in my little head and was discovered many years later. All this has me now sobbing - with awe and gratitude!

Oh wow, how crazy! Amazing how much our body will tell us if we just listen to it, right?

Yes! And all of us have this kind of instinctual wisdom in our bodies, but most of the time it goes unnoticed!

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