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I want to discuss the issue of love birds ..
Lovebird birds are not native birds of Indonesia, The origin of lovebird birds originated from Africa,
lovebird comes from greek and is included in Agapornis species, AGA which means love, while ORNIS means bird, and if put together into a love bird.
As a lovebird lovers or lovebird lovers, do you know the origins of lovebird birds, where lovebird birds come from, why can they be called lovebird birds? Perhaps this has not been thought of by you, or it may have long been the subject of your unanswered question.
this is what you have to answer
who knows the answer to his comments below image
and this is the origin of the bird of love.
Lovebird birds are not native birds of Indonesia, birds with a variety of beautiful colors is actually derived from Africa. Dihabitat origin of lovebird birds live in groups or colonies, it would not be surprised if the African bird became one of the symbols of harmony in pairs. If two lovebirds (male and female) are made into one cage, they will be lovers of love and affection, always close together and unwilling to be separated. That is why birds with beautiful colors and become symbols of love for the couple are called lovebird birds.
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