King and Consultant

in story •  10 months ago

You do not know how to get some things in your life; but his work is totally beautiful.

At one point, I told the story of a king. It was not really a king; He even had a wonderful consultant.

The counselor was really smart. If it is not the king, it is a wise health. Wherever you go to the King, you can certainly take his place.

The counselor had a very positive equation for the events. Whatever the hell, the events were "not so bad, dear sir" and the king believed it.

It was one morning. Counselors took their place with the king except for places like bathrooms or the like. Then they would wait outside. They watched it from the outside.

One morning when the king woke up and stayed away, a little more ... While wearing royal slippers on the marble floor, he had a very bad footprint and the marble was "blunt". He fell to his wrist. It was so painful that he shouted "Ahh" behind the "roof" voice. The whole palace heard this scream.
Even after shouting "Ahhh" he shouted "Counselor"! Even before the queen.

Quick advisor, "What sir?" Asked. The king said, "What did you see?" He answered. "Ahh" to his sadness.

"What happened?" How is my god? Why? "

The counselor's hospital said: "This king is a good thing."

The king was very angry, "How can you do such a thing?"

"Do not you see how much you burn?"


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