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The lady Who become The master Of Bayazid Bestami (ra)

its miles said that after Bayazid Bestami changed into requested who his grasp turned into, he explained:
She turned into an antique girl.
one day, I used to be possessed through such ecstasy and yearning and sense of cohesion that not even a hair of something else will be found in me. in this selfless mood, I went for a stroll inside the desert, in which I befell to meet an elderly lady pressured with a bag of flour.
She requested me to carry the flour for her, but I was incapable of taking it, so I beckoned to a lion to take the weight. The lion got here as much as me and that I laid the sack upon its lower back. I then asked the old lady what she meant to say to the townspeople on account that I did no longer need them to apprehend who I was.
"I will tell them," she spoke back, "that I met a vain tyrant."
"What are speaking approximately?" I exclaimed.
The female defined thus, first asking: "Has the lion been placed to hassle or now not?"
"No," I replied. -
"except for the fact which you burden down the ones whom God Himself has now not stressed!" she objected. "Is that not oppression?"
"So it is", I admitted.
"And, notwithstanding this", she continued, "still you preference the townspeople to realize that you have subjected a lion and are a miracle employee. Is that now not conceitedness?"
"sure, it's miles", I confessed.
So I repented, experiencing abasement from my former exaltation. indeed that vintage female's phrases done the feature of a nonsecular guide and grasp for me.
a story using very bad language
Mahmud becomes a very pious man, but he becomes now not very appealing searching. one day, he changed into walking along the road, minding his very own enterprise, while a lady came up to him, and began calling him names and abusing him. This girl stored pronouncing all sorts of nasty things, and Mahmud simply listened to her patiently. eventually, whilst she was finished calling him names and abusing him, Mahmud simply greeted her, smiled, and said
"and a nice day to you," and continued on his manner.
Why did Mahmud, the pious guy, behave this manner?
it is because he knew that the whole lot she said turned into only a mirrored image of her personal internal self.
if you use bad language, you're simply making apparent to all and sundry how a long way away from you virtually are from Allah, because your phrases are in reality a reflection of your own inner self.

Hazrat Hassan Al-Basri (ra) Impresses An Unbelieving Neighbour

Hazrat Hasan al-Basri once fell unwell. His neighbor, an unbeliever, came to pay him a go to.
"O Imam," he exclaimed, "I hit upon a bad odor." The Imam informed him it became as a result of illness, however the neighbor insisted: "That is not the odor of sickness. it is a lavatory scent. For the affection of Allah, inform me what it is!"
He had no longer noticed that sewage become leaking from his residence into that of the Imam.
whilst the neighbor pressed him, the Imam sooner or later said: "For some months your drain has been seeping via to our facet. I tried to restore it, however with out fulfillment."
His neighbor asked why he had now not instructed him earlier than, but the venerable Imam said: "I'd have angry you."
The unbeliever becomes so impressed with the aid of this ethical refinement that he turned into ennobled with real religion, for he diagnosed the Imam's morality as a ray of Islam.

The Shepherd

Once upon a time, there lived in Basra a vintage guy whose simplest career was being concerned for and loving his only son who changed into a good-looking young man. The vintage man invested all his cash in his son's training. The younger man went away for a few years and acquired an education at a widely known college under the superb scholars of that age.
The day had arrived for the son to go back from his studies and the antique guy waited at the door for his son. when the son came and met his father, the antique man regarded into his eyes and felt first rate unhappiness. "What have you learnt my son?" he asked, "I have learnt the whole lot there was to be learnt, father", he said. "however have you ever learnt what cannot be taught?" asked the daddy. "go, my son and examine what can't be trained", stated the old man.
The younger guy went returned to his master and requested him to educate him what cannot learn.
"leave to the mountains with those four hundred sheep and are available again when they may be one thousand", stated the grasp.
The younger guy went to the mountains and became a shepherd. There for the first time, he encountered a silence. He had nobody to talk to. The sheep did no longer recognize his language. In his desperation, he might speak to them but they would look lower back at him as if to say he changed into silly. Slowly but really he started out to neglect all his worldly information, his ego, his delight and he became quiet just like the sheep and terrific awareness and humility got here to him.
at the end of years when the number of sheep had grown to one thousand, he lower back to his master and fell on his feet. "Now you have learned what cannot be taught," stated the master.

NB. it's miles exciting to be aware that the Nabis of Allah Taala (Alayhimus salaam) at a while of their lives, normally earlier than Nubuwwat, tended to sheep, and other such animals.

Meanings :
*Ra = RadhiAllahu'anhu (Arabic: رضي الله عنه‎ raḍiya 'llāhu ʿan-hu) is an Arabic phrase meaning, "Allah is pleased with him."
*Alayhimus salaam = The Arabic phrase ʿalayhi as-salām (عليه السلام), which translates as "peace be upon him" is a conventionally complimentary phrase or durood attached to the names of the prophets in Islam.
*Nubuwwat = Prophethood

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