Random Short Story: The Fat Caterpillar

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Heya, fellow steemians and otakus! It's me again, @yuki-nee for another (Random) Short Story titled, "The Fat Caterpillar"


Title: The Fat Caterpillar

Once there was a caterpillar that wanted to become a beautiful butterfly. There's just one problem—he is too fat! Or so he thought...

"How can I become a butterfly if I'm this fat?" He thought, "there's no way someone so fat and ugly can become a butterfly!"

"But what to do?"

"I know! I'll exercise!" He decided.

And so, he choose a huge leaf and ran (crawl) back and forth on it several times

Huff! Huff! Huff!

"I-I cannot give up! I will become a butterfly!" He said with determination.

So he ran and ran (crawl) until he colapsed in exhaustion. "Just a little more..."

Several days later, the caterpillar is still fat. That's because he ate more than he exercised! Yet he believed that he is getting thinner...

"I will soon become a butterfly," he said.

Therefore, he insist on this pointless struggle that have absolutely nothing to do with becoming a butterfly.

Yet he did become a butterfly but absolutely not because he exercised. It just that his time had come. That's all.

The End

P.S. This is just a random story with no moral.or sense whatsover. It's just my silliness taking over my reasonings!


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