Poetic Short Story: The Clown That Frown

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Heya, fellow steemians and otakus! It's me again, @yuki-nee for another [Poetic Short Story] titled, "The Clown That Frown"


Once there was a clown who doesn't smile but frown. He scare children away, to the carnival's owner dismay. Yet the owner could only sigh, because the clown is truly shy. And, the clown in question is not faring better, he truly felt his life is bitter. Why could he not smile? He kept asking the question "why?"

Then one day the clown had an idea, he'll asked the old fortune teller named Leah. So he went to her tent with a decisive intent. But the line is long, so the clown waited while humming a song. Soon it is his turn, so he entered the tent, and before long he returned.

The clown is feeling incredulous, the old fortune teller's advice feel ludicrous. She said all he needed is a feather, and tickle his toes on a fine weather. The clown left with no choice, he went to the strongman with a booming voice.

Feathers in his hand, he urges the strongman and his band, to tickle his toes till they're done. The strongman agreed, so he and his band tickled the clown with degree. The clown's face became red, trying to stiffle his laughter with steed. But he can no longer stop himself, he laugh so hard, pleading "help!"

After that day the clown frown no more, his laughter won him some score. The carnival owner felt relief, the clown finally performed with belief.

The End


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Your poetry these days is innocent and cute, and yet the simple verses present us with valuable truth. In here is a lesson, like a fable. Solutions stare us in the face, yet because of our perspectives, we can't always see them. Furthermore, if we break out of our isolation, we could discover a life-changing perspective and open up new possibilities.

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