Life stories from a home of elders - How did I learn to live with Alzheimer

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Prepare to listen to a story, one of the many that I have listened to during my repeated visits to a home of elders, one of the many that impressed me to tears ...

It's not about any kind of asylum, but about it, about myEden House , where I started to get acquainted with foreign feelings like me, such as mercy and compassion. It is the place where I discovered what sadness means, but also the sincere, unconditional joy.

There is a story like any other, brazdata here and there, with strong feelings, deep emotions and thoughts, a mouth-to-mouth story, from residents, caregivers, and residents of this elderly home.

It is the story of a special person, a gentle but powerful man, of an honest man, for whom sincerity and respect were two of the values ​​the foundations of which he has not deviated in his last moments .

It's his story ... or better, it was ... Because HE, the man who inspired me for the first time even heard at the elderly home, is now one of the merciful angels who look at us from heaven ...

It was ... Because in an unfortunate day a terrible illness was to kidnap him from among those who knew and loved him, gradually turning him into a delicate being, emptied even as the last drop of humanity.
I'm talking about dementia, more specifically about what is called Alzheimer's or "forgotten illness."

I'm talking about that terrible monster that condemned him to oblivion, keeping him in a universe far from reality.

I'm talking about a cruel illness that did not forgive him but left a deep hole in the souls and thoughts of those who loved the old man.

I'm talking about HE, some kind of father, husband, grandfather, brother, someone's friend .

I would love to know him doing it. I really would have felt honored, although in my eldest time in my Eden House, I was already in a state of almost total physical and cognitive decline.

I would have liked to know her blue eyes like the sea and try to discover a life sparkle, a thrill in front of the woman she loved in front of the daughter she did not remember be there ever.

Unfortunately, I only knew him from their sayings, grandparents with barbed faces and backed by the press of decades and the weight of thoughts, many like the stars of the sky.

Someone described it empty-handedly, sometimes ice-covered, sometimes desperate, as if she wanted to tell everyone she was aware of everything that was happening to her.

And one day, I had the pleasure of knowing her wife, a calm creature that, from time to time, stared at me with her eyes. She was interned in the same asylum as I would have mentioned earlier.

They came together, HE and SHE, brought by a loving daughter who did not dare to break up her parents now, at the end of her life. They came together, because SHE, her wife, in all 40 years of cohabitation, did not leave without HE even one night.

With love and devotion, he was joined to him until eternity received his realm. At the end of the most serious phase, it was the only one he has ever recognized from all his dear ones.

Because between them continued to exist a lasting connection, which he did not want to fall apart and disappear into van with all his memories.

And he recognized it until he had closed his eyelids forever, letting his last breath escape and pulse for the last time, the heart, a warm heart, full of kindness, as it was his whole existence.

"I miss it a lot ... I still wear it in my heart and I think ... I will wear it as long as I have days and memories. I'm still reviewing it ... or at least part of what was once. Because our daughter looks like it all.**

We preferred to stay interned here, where we lost one of our dearest beings ... HE. Unfortunately, it seems that we will have the same grim destiny, but I do not fear ...

I'm not afraid, because the people of the place have a lot of us, the sufferers, because they put their soul in everything they do here, as if they were ours ...

I'm not afraid of the destination that inevitably awaits me, because from HE I learned how to live with Alzheimer ... It's tough, but I'll go over and over this terrible try ... "

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