Dreams of High Drama and the Mundane

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I was underwater, at night. Boats on the surface were hunting me. I'm not sure why, but it was clear my life was on the line. If they saw me swim to the surface for air, I'd be shot.

My only hope was to get out of town undetected. I was navigating rivers and trying to make my way into the bay. I could see the keel of a boat blocking out the shimmery moonlight above. Occasionally a barrel would tumble over the side and sink down - depth charges! They bloomed in the watery distance and sent shock waves to tumble me over. For a while I thought that I had lost my hunters, but when I swam in a new direction, they turned as well. So they knew my direction of travel, if not my precise location. Good enough for them and bad enough for me: if I didn't get to the surface for a breath of air, I'd drown. But I couldn't seem to shake them. I could feel the desperate need to breathe building in my chest, until I woke up, gasping.


On the way to the train station, I went through the Donut Place drive-through for my usual order: A blueberry donut and a glazed stick. But when I got on the train and looked in the bag, there was no stick at all! They'd given me a chocolate donut instead.

"Oh well," I thought. "Not my favorite, but it'll do."

It wasn't until I got on the train this morning that I realized this never happened.

Now I kind of want a chocolate donut.

Go ahead and psychoanalyze me, bros. I can take it!


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Dream Analysis 101 ~ by the Schteinn School of the Sophisticated Sciences, Life Analytic's Department

I. Quite a simple one, actually: "Puss, you've got to stop sleeping on my head at night. You have your OWN pillow."


II-A. You are traveling on the train. It is a close-quarter place to travel, surrounded by other humans. But your inner view of the world is all you actually have. Thus, to focus better on the things at hand in your life, and take in that going on beyond your sphere, while moving within this environment, you should be viewing the world through TWO tunnel-like lenses. IE: the two donuts. An early AM, hunger-induced representation of viewing life through 'rose colored GLASSES'. After all, by default, the saying IS all about two lenses.

And this is the kicker...you normally have only ONE doughnut on the ride on the train. Limited to a single lens of understanding, if you will. A life NOT seen through normal, binocular vision, as we are designed. I'm sure you hold your single donut up to view through, when observing the other commuters, or when watching the world pass by outside the window of the rail car. Or more importantly, noting the interactions of the people all around you in the coach, as you all go about your daily commute.

Your commuter psyche is having problems with viewing the world of The Other's thoughts, interactions and subsequent actions, and resulting understanding on your part, through this single lens. A Monical of Misunderstanding, if you will. No, this is not enough, we need more than one lens to truly comprehend the life outside our confinic bounds. Even if it IS comprised of a sticky pastry.

The fact it chocolate has some deep seated meanings we are still working overtime on. Unfortunately, it is Saturday, and the School Library is closed. We'll let you know when we find out more. (It COULD have something to do with a 'hands free' application. Once again, unsure at best).

Side Note: Good luck on your next train trip with the 2 donuts attached. (Suggestion: give the conductor your ticket, BEFORE applying the life-goggles of understanding to your frontal lobe.


Monocles of Misunderstanding part I: The Donuts of Desolation.

I think you're on to something here. And after all, we interact with the world as much through our stomachs as through our minds. The first organisms survived by absorbing the other first organisms. They were all stomach. Conquer, then divide. And their only sense was chemical. Then the mitochondria discovered they could provide a service to the host, if only they could avoid their own absorption.

In this way, the donut could provide two interfaces to the world: as a lens for concentrating light and as a source of chemical reaction and sustenance.

But what is the significance of the pale stick-shaped donut being substituted for a round chocolate one? I fear we may need a Freudian interpretation here.


Donuts of Desolation, love it. (I just typed desolution...if that is not a word, it should be. I'm writing it down. Stay tuned and keep a close eye out for it in the future...)

As for doughnuts and orrifi...I have no doubt the good doc-tor would have something to say about the appendular stick and it's 'relationship' with the circular doughnut 'airspace', but we will stick to PG here for this site. I've already used up a lot of NQSFW tags to date, and don't want to sully my stellar (ahem), reputation by utilizing ALL of my allotment of tags.

Wow, your mitochondrial discussion brought back a flood-wave of biology I have not thought about for quite some time. (No doubt too busy writing about sandwiches and lost shoes and plants from other planets and errant Christmas-representations and such).

I Do believe you are on to something and the pluralism of the fatted doughball beyond the visual sphere of 'things'. Do I smell a PhD arising soon? Or maybe we should do a collaborational Science post. No doubt the Schteinn School of the Sophisticated Sciences would lend some help. Though I fear you might be a bit out of their league...they being a lower-tier accreditational school and all. (They were demoted or dis-acredited down from 'college'. More may come out about that in future postings..)

  1. Feeling trapped? What do you need to escape from? Who/what is preventing you? Are the external forces keeping you down that powerful or maybe you're not trying hard enough to outsmart them?
  2. If you'd rather have blueberry over chocolate, you have a big problem, my friend! (Just had to say it, sorry!)
    Anyway, that 'it'll do' bit sounds like you're resigned to not getting what you want, making do with whatever .... what you're given, not what you're taking!
    (A good thing you did not get the glazed stick - I have no idea what that is, but doesn't sound like something you should eat!)
    Time's up, that'll be $100. See you next time!

Those are reasonable rates. Just send me a bill, okay?

Hah - a "glazed stick" (otherwise known as a glazed cruller) is a long straight doughnut as opposed to a round one. By weight, it's a better deal. (I'm a cheap bastard; I checked!)

I prefer a chocolate chip muffin to a blueberry one. But the chocolate doughnuts taste kind of artificial, at least from this place. Still, calories are calories...

I'm actually not feeling trapped these days - I'm loving my job and quite like commuting to the city. But having to follow schedules, wake up, and show up on time is a huge change. That might have something to do with it!

Simple, you are happy in life right now and 'drama' equals the wrong donut, cherish it! And bring me a coffee already ;) love @donnadavisart

I can completely relate to delayed realizations that dreams were dreams. Nicely written.

nice fiction and story.in the hope of the continuation of

Tiredness and overwhelm from adapting to new environments and schedules tend to manifest as weird dreams. That's all the psychoanalysis you'll get out of me.

Sorry about the doughnut!

I think water symbolises major life changes, simply from my own dream experience. For the rest you're on your own. Now I want a donut, dammit!