Abuse: Part One

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February 19th 2013
Whimpering sounds. I could hear them. Whipping sounds. I could feel them on me. The lashes hard, stroking my bared-back. For a while, I had become numb to the pain.
Then, he whipped my back one more time. The pain registered through this time. I broke down, laid flat on the ground and begged him to stop.
He did not.
Every lash became a memory, a new stored memory to drive out old ones.
Three years. It had taken only three years for the fallacy of his self-righteousness to wear off. Three years was all I could recount as my marriage. Now I was not going to be among who remembered the past and held on to it. The past is in the past. I loved him, true. Yet, I loved me too.

February 14th 2000
Too hot.
Too cold.
Too warm.
Too dark. No light! Retched! Dirty! Too clean! I hate it!
Everything felt like this. Life had become a hollow of horrors. That was until I met her.
How did she do it? What sorcery did she use?
I wanted to make her mine. No, I want to make her mine. I want to strip away all identity she had and become one with my soul.
And I have it all planned out.
She may not believe in fairytales but she’s about to be in one. One similar to the beauty and a reformed beast.
Here she comes, the red dress tight on her bronze skin with her slender legs laid under by silver heels taking graceful steps towards me.
“Mr. Adewale”
God! I loved it when she called to me. What I will love more, is when everyone called to her in my name.

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