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My name is Wegner, am a content writer,an Economist,Agriculturist and a unique business analyst. I graduated from High school in 2010 and have been curious what my purpose on earth and my objectives towards the development of humanity at large is?.

In 2012 I got admitted into the University of Benin in Nigeria where I studied Agricultural Economics. It was an awesome experience through out my stay in the University with a lot of dangling memories to share and tell. I felt it is important for me to share my experience with my community and followers for the very first time. Life has actually been fair which has presented various UPS and DOWNS along side times which will linger in your memories for the rest of your life.
This write-up is called "RAW"
My story so far
Memorable moments
Friends and Foes
All will be broken down as I declare an episode on my Biography.

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