Imagination or real

in story •  8 months ago


The story is like this, the incident I forget exactly when the essence between october to november last year because my friend just died, I forget it was 40 days or not. At that time in the afternoon I again want to cook instant noodles for me and my mother, I was his person likes to imagine things that are not clear hihihi.
When I just put a pot to boil water I immediately opened the wrapper instant noodles I immediately enter the mie'nya (let me quickly) when I want to pour the spice into the bowl (this is nih moments start parno) fitting seasoning is in the open fit will be poured into bowl quickly I smell the smell of jasmine through, jeng-jeng-jeng.

I was there panicking, I immediately poured spice and instant noodle oil, when I want to go to the room because it started to panic I accidentally looked towards the bathroom and I like seeing a hand that makes me scared because the color of his hand is the same as kayak my late om, there I was immediately afraid to go to the bathroom.

Okay that was my story believe I do not believe I do not care because I just believe God

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