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Another Project

After the complete exoneration from the accident, the NeMo Trucking Software company issued a press release. None of their customers canceled their contract. And they got new customers every week.

Because they had so many trucking companies asking for the NeMo software, Freightliners Trucks upgraded their contract to the maximum: 1,000 systems.

So, the company was doing well and Nestor and Moana started to draw salaries.

The company started to diversify. From one of their first customer, Happy Trucks in Richmond, BC, they bought several trucks and leased them to independent truckers. The deals were such that after five years, the truck would be fully owned by the trucker, as long as he had paid the lease every month.

In 2030, several US states decided to authorize level 4 certified trucks to be driven autonomously on designated freeways. The first such state was Oregon, quickly followed by Texas and Arizona. Nestor and Moana made a trip for Costco Seattle-San Fernando and back, as soon as they could both sleep when crossing Oregon on the I-5.

They documented this trip in detail and issued a new press release.

In June 2030, their software, as adapted by Kurt's company, NeMo Europe, was awarded certification level 4 from ECAAV, the European certification authority. Soon, NeMo Europe signed contracts in all of Europe, and the NeMo Trucking Software company increased its revenue, once again.

In November 2030, Nestor and Moana named Paramvir and Chen co-CEOs and they were no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of their company.

They had another project: Moana was thirty-one years old, and they had decided that it was time for them to start a family.

THE END (at least for now)

Copyright © Vincent Celier, License CC BY-SA

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