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Ready for Certification

Among the clients of the NeMo company, several were also doing tests of their trucks under temporary permits from their local authorities.

They were using the analyzing software from NeMo after each trip. And if they found some anomaly or possible improvement, they sent their recording to the NeMo company. This was another factor that improved the quality of the NeMo software.

Starting in October 2027, Nestor and Moana started to prepare their software system for certification by NAAVCA, the North-American Autonomous Vehicle Certification Authority.

NAAVCA is an organization created by the federal governments of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It is recognized by all provinces and states in North America.

The creation of NAAVCA had been created in 2025 at the instigation of AOC, the Vice-President of the United States. She had been elected in November 2024, less than one month after her 35th birthday, the minimum age for presidents and vice-presidents.

Nestor and Moana, with their consultants, prepared the necessary documentation so that their software could be certified by NAAVCA.

In March 2028, they were ready.

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