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Congratulations on Victory Day!

Bulgaria celebrates this day. Not as wide as under socialism, but still celebrated and supported. Fascism does not pass here.

We also celebrate in our own way - we listen to songs. Of course, I know that most of them were written after the war. But as written! What they are beautiful and touching. To tears.

When people ask me how Bulgaria celebrates Victory Day on May 9th, I always think from which region to start answering. The fact is that officially May 9, Bulgaria celebrates Europe Day. There is such a date - it is connected with the Schumann Declaration of May 9, 1950. This date is celebrated by all EU countries, except the UK. But in Bulgaria it is not magnificent - they just raised the flags, chatted on TV and all that.

Monument to the Soviet Army in Borisov Gradina, Sofia

But unofficially, Bulgaria celebrates Victory Day. Of course, without parades and salutes (it all ended in 1989), but it celebrates, and those who do not celebrate do not interfere with others. It does not prohibit concerts at the monument to the Soviet army, the processions of the "Immortal Regiment", flowers, wreaths and Russian military songs. Bulgarians themselves participate in this, sing, wear St. George ribbons and portraits of their grandfathers. Because here, too, there are veterans of the Second World War and their immortal regiment.

Organizations of such events are engaged in, or Russian organizations such as cultural centers, or Russophile organizations, which are in bulk here.

Despite the fact that Bulgaria entered World War II as part of the Axis Coalition, she ended this war on the side of the Soviet Union in the Alps on May 15, 1945.

According to statistics, at the end of the Second World War, about 35,000 Bulgarians died and as many were injured. The Bulgarians took part in the liberation of Northern Yugoslavia, Southern Hungary and Eastern Austria.

The Bulgarian army suffered the greatest casualties in one battle during the Drava epic (part of the Balaton operation) - 1,614 killed and 2,500 wounded.

It does not detract from the merits of the Russian people in the victory over Nazi Germany. For the older generation of Bulgarians, this is obvious.

The famous Bulgarian journalist Nedyalko Nedyalkov last year wrote a short note.

Rootlessness, without a memory, without exception.
    Hemykyan on BTV with pathos explained that today is Europe's day. On this occasion, invited the Minister of European Affairs Lilyana Pavlova to talk.
    He confused something. Today is Victory Day, and this day in Europe is unknown to me. Invented somewhere in the gender laboratories womb neoliberal conscience.
    I asked earlier and ask now: whether ruble-worshiping to honor the 9th of May and the feat of the Bulgarian soldiers? Does Putin serve it?
    Official statistics indicate that 35,000 Bulgarians disappeared at the front in the final stage of the Second World War. The same number were injured and returned home permanently disabled. Among those was my wife's grandfather, whose eyes were fatally stricken during the battle on the edge of Drava.
Our people helped liberate Serbia, Hungary and Austria, the locals remember it and erect monuments to our heroes.
    The capitulation of Germany crowned with the exploits of the Bulgarian warrior. This is his victory.
    Now we are irritatingly rewriting history to please the new Euro-Atlantic masters. Which, however, barbarously bombed Sophia on the orders of Churchill. Switch the remote, this is not Bulgarian television. Lilyana Pavlova on May 9th is a joke.
    Not this memory should be bequeathed to your children. Let's see the parade on Red Square, and remember what honor, glory, duty, homeland are ...

PS: Bulgaria joined the Axis Coalition in the face of Tsar Boris III, who respected Tsarist Russia, but was afraid of Soviet Russia, and this step also helped to regain previously lost territories. At the same time, Bulgaria maintained diplomatic relations with the USSR and did not participate in military operations against it. Rumor has it that this is one of the reasons because of which Hitler allegedly poisoned Tsar Boris.

It is known that Boris III, back in 1942, when asked by Ribbentrop, what was his foreign policy replied: "Always with Germany, never against Russia."

Thank you for your time and attention.

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All photos in this blog are taken by me unless otherwise attributed.

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With love from Bulgaria @varya-davydova

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Very interesting information. I've noticed that nearly every Eastern European country celebrates this day, one way or the other. I've also realised that, despite the separation from the USSR, at least in half of the countries the older people look back at the USSR with some nostalgia.

I can see why, since the moment when the URSS collapsed, their countries never recovered and people seem pretty much abandoned to their own fates. ☹️