Where I'm Marooned and Why

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Been stuck here since Wednesday afternoon. Wasn't the plan, but there ya go!

See, Vanholio started headin' south from the Albuquerque area, seekin' warmer places. He drove a few hours and was ready ta stop. Plus a little evenin' rain was comin' in.

He knew about this tiny section of Cibola National Forest near Corona, New Mexico. Well, all he knew is he'd passed by a few times. It seemed real quiet and had good cell signal.

Yeah, so Wednesday night, he decided to stop here. Just for the night, ya see. That was the plan.

Knowin' rain was comin' in, he found this spot. Chose it because a its assets: line-o-sight ta the cell towers and improved dirt road.

Well, things change. The unexpected happens. Sometimes life just fucks ya in the ass.

The evenin' sprinkle turned to three days a freezin' rain. The soil round here is clay heavy and turned ta quagmire real quick.


Muddy road but awesome signal

Now that road ain't all mud ruts now. Some is dry. Could probably drive out if I were determined.

But there's a risk. And that's hittin' mud goin' up a hill. Or worse, down in a dip where a soul can't get forward or backward!

Vanholio's spent enough time diggin' hisself outta shit last couple years. In some cases, payin' big bucks on repairs 'cause a it.

No thank you. Done my time. Paid my money. Full right up ta the gills.

Yeah, since I ain't got nowhere ta be till next Wednesday, been sittin' here doin' just 'bout nothin' and tryin' ta keep warm.

(Ever take a shit outdoors in freezin' rain, freezin' temps, and stiff wind? It sucks donkey balls. Trust me.)

But at least the cell signal is full bars. Been catchin' up on the later seasons a Grimm. And that ain't half bad.


Decent view, now that the clouds are gone

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Aww man that sucks bro! At least you're in a pretty cool spot, and freezing rain can make for some pretty dope views when everything looks like glass. That being said, it could be a pretty serious bummer if you start running low on food and shit. Hope you get un-marooned!

Suspect I'll leave tomorrow with minimal risk, Monday latest. Plenty of provisions. And at least the sun is out now, and it's gettin' up to the 50s. Dog and me got ta walk around some today. 😀

Good luck! We were south of Albuquerque last week, down around Belen, and left before the weather turned. Sounds like it's a good thing we did!

That was my plan, but I didn't go south enough. I trusted weather.com and the rest when they said we'd only get a few hours light rain Wednesday night. But at least I'm not up on a snowy mountain!

Glad you're well stocked. Do you have solar for power?

Tons of solar. As long as I got sun and signal, all is good.

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