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Once, Mr. TATA decided to visit his factory, which was located 100 kms away from City. He spent entire day inspecting the operations of factory and interacting with employees. In the evening, at around 5 PM, he began journey back to the city. He was tired and exhausted, thus slept on the back seat of Car. He instructed Ramu, his driver to drive carefully.

After covering about 20 km distance , Ramu suddenly stopped the Car. He called MR.TATA , “Sir, we can’t move forward. See the huge Storm, it is coming towards us. All other car drivers also stopped their vehicles.”

Mr. TATA asked him to stop, he quickly got out of Car and curiously observed the storm. He then asked Ramu to drive slowly at minimal speed. Ramu was frightened, he unwillingly began to drive.

After some time they reach near the EYE of storm (Core area). Ramu began to shiver, because wind was too fast, he could actually feel vibrations. There was no one around, except them .He began to cry and requested MR.TATA that they should not move forward.

Mr. TATA calmly asked Ramu to occupy back seat. Now, he took control over steering Wheel. The force of wind was very high, he patiently began to drove the Car through the storm, at very slow speed. He made guessing of direction through blurred vision.

After covering distance of about 150 meters, he stopped the car. Meanwhile, Ramu who sat on back seat was praying and crying , covering both of his eyes with hands. Mr. TATA asked him to open the eyes and come at front.

To his utter surprise, Ramu found that whole road was clear, there was no sign of storm. He shockingly asked MR. TATA , “Sir, Do you possess some kind of superpower or what”?

Mr. TATA smiled and told Ramu that, “Storm was present only for 150 meters. If we had stopped there, we would have caught by Storm, which was intensifying. Only way to save our self was to keep moving”
Probably, this is the difference between Success and Failure.
Successful People are ready to take risk. They leads from front, have confidence in their decision…and most importantly, they keep on spreading optimism even to their subordinates.

Hence, it is said that, ”Successful People don’t do different things, They do things differently ”

(The Characters mentioned in story are for illustrative purpose)


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