Steem Blockchain Story Experiment

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Hello All!

I would like to try something interesting, hopefully people join in. They say that art imitates life, and that stories are written chapter by chapter by each person. With the Steem platform, it is now extremely simple to create content and generate feedback instantly. For this reason, I am going to experiment with a story that I will start off and have people put their input or even add additional chapters to my story. I will write a chapter each post and people will have the option to add to the story, comment, upvote, share, etc. If you think this is interesting, please comment below on topics or add your own details and I will try to incorporate. For the comments with the best feedback, I will probably send you Steem tokens as a thank you. Perhaps this will evolve into something interesting, like a launch point for writers that are looking for ideas or just looking to practice writing. In any case, I hope it will help fill a demand that the world needs for open source idea sharing, which is the foundation for Steemit itself.

Let me know what everyone thinks and I will begin the experiment shortly.
Thank You!



while i look at the first picture the only topic that comes to my mind is "THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE OF LIFE WITH IT's ELEMENTS". And i think it is a great way to come up with a very good story by knowing what peoples opinion is since from start. good luck , I will like to help but i am no writer.

Well that's a pretty good title! Thank you so much! I hope you follow along. I will be writing different stories with different themes for everyone. I hope you follow along!!

tagging along is a most. i will love to see what you have to share.