Girls run what is Kihnu Island

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In the ancient times, many tribes on earth were run by women. In the modern world, however, the situation is no longer the same.

Except for some indigenous tribal societies, masculinity prevails today.
But in today's small country of modern-day Estonia, a small exceptional example of matriarchal society remains. Located in the Baltic Sea, the small island of Kihnu, about seven miles from the mainland of Estonia. And today women are still in control of the society in this island.

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However, they did not create such a social system. Kihnur has a population of only 400. Men are busy fishing in the sea for months. As a result, the responsibility of society and administration falls on the neck of the girls. They do everything to raise children, work on the fields, work on museums, schools and museums.

And the women of Kihnur have been doing this for hundreds of years.

The leader of the island is now named Mares Matsa. He is also the president of the Cultural Center of Kihnu. He says, 'Our men are often in the sea for a long time. So we have to take care of everything.'

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All of them are committed to maintaining this primitive tradition. The historical and cultural significance of the island is not less. For example, let's talk about the songs that are sung at the wedding ceremony on the island of Kihnu. Most of them are less than two thousand years old. And so the population is small, but in no small part in terms of antiquity.

However, like all other traditional societies, the island of Kihnu has its own problems. Some tourists come here during the summer. Selling goods to them and fishing is the main source of income for the islanders. However, women do different kinds of work, including clothing making, animal husbandry. But they do not bring much economic prosperity. Therefore, modern youths are leaving the island for money and modern living, leaving the mainland of Estonia.

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However, the women of Kihnur say so. We are trying our best to preserve our culture. They have built a modern and rich museum on the island of Kihnu. In addition, UNESCO recognizes their culture, especially marriage traditions as a special tradition. Tourists are now attracting more tourists to the island.



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