Why did the navy not use a sail?

in story •  8 months ago

40656968_1426109127521578_6177602721995030528_o.jpgit, navies from other countries are still making, buying or hauling from museums to sail ships for training, so that seafarers are accustomed to the seafaring experience thousands of years ago instead of just relying on them. on engines and machines. However, all navies from Europe and America to Asia are trained by European sailing ships (the Le Quy Don sailor of the Vietnamese People's Navy built by the Poles is an example). Why do not there any navies, including Asian navies, train with Chinese-style sailboats, the all-powerful sailors of Asia? Apparently, before Europe invaded Asia, Asia had only this kind of sails to conquer the sea and fight at sea, there were many naval battles where the Asian sailors had defeated the sail. of Europe.

Photo: Keying, a sailing ship purchased by Chinese traders from Hong Kong, which sailed from China through the Cape of Good Hope to the United States, and returned to England from 1846 to 1848. .

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